Tuesday, April 29, 2008


I've got a new PaperDoll product in the works. I'm thinking about adding PaperDoll Lunchboxes to the line this summer. They are super cute and can be used as the obvious - a lunchbox - or to hold art supplies, Lego's, Polly Pockets, etc. I'm definitely going to get some practice on them by making them for my little darlings this summer and we are going to give this one for Charlie a little test drive over the next few days to see how it holds up. He loves his "wunchbox" and has been carrying it around like a prized possession. If I add them they will be priced around $25. They are large enough to fit a sippy cup/thermos and a lunch and the waterproof design is printed on both sides of the silver metal box. As always, they would be available in any of my designs. I've seen them elsewhere starting at $30 plus shipping. Most places are at $36+. I'd love to have your feedback. Do you think these would be a hit?


  1. That is so stinkin' cute! One of my favorite PaperDoll ideas.

  2. I know I already commented once, but Kylan starts Mother's Day Out in the fall and we need one of these. Yes, NEED, not WANT!! I hope they hold up and make it to the famed Paperdoll line of products!


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