Monday, April 21, 2008

Placemats, Placemats and MORE Placemats!

I packaged up a lot of Placemats today. I am so happy each time a placemat order comes in because I really love them all! I love it when I get orders for a design I haven't tried on a one yet. My kids still really love theirs...we use them EVERY night.

Hippie Chic Pink & Green
Green Gingham Floral

Birthdays Rock Stripes with a Horse
PaperDoll Paisley Green
Football on Blue
Birthdays Rock Stripes with Guitar

Blue & Gold Basketball
A few sports bottles landed on my doorstep the other day...just a few...sigh...

Pink Harlequin Note Cards and Camo Note Cards
We played outside again today. My kids all three have different outdoor personalities:
This one - claims he wants to play outside but then easily gets bored and is the first to wander back inside...

This one: wants to be outside only if someone else claims to want to be outside; wants to go inside when someone else claims to want to go inside...

This one: wants to be outside from the minute he wakes up in the morning; would gladly go outside alone or with strangers; would stay outside until forced to come inside or until offered fruit chewies.

After all the playing and once we really smelled like the wind we took early baths and had a movie night. We finally watched "Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium" and we loved it! I definitely recommend it!
A quote from Mr. Magorium:
"Life is an occasion; Rise to it!"
Love that!

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