Monday, August 29, 2011

Happy Monday!

dot dot darcy blue and yellow binder 
hot pink and black damask note pads 
matching pen 
dotty gingham stripe notepads  
dot dot darcy black and red pencil cup 
big dotty gingham damask binders in yellow and royal blue 
black damask yellow ruler 
cafe plaid sports bottle 
zebra hot pink ribbon sports bottle 
dot dot darcy brown and tiffany blue bag tag with bow 
domino blue bag tag 
big dotty zebra guitar ruler - pink and orange 
primary bubbles 
batman symbol bag tag with knot
© 2011 paperdoll designs

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Picture Post

 peace & polka dots lunchbox
cafe plaid sippy and snack cup 
cafe plaid bag tag 
big dotty gingham damask hot pink binder
big dotty gingham damask purple binder
 maude binder
cafe plaid binder 
black damask blue binder 
tea party chore chart
fire truck placemat 
it's a plane bag tag 
floral pop pink bag tag 
black dotty orange spiral
© 2011 paperdoll designs

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Happy Tuesday!!

Happy Tuesday!!!  It's going to be a busy day!!  Lots of plates, platters & spirals will be finished up today!!  I'm still playing catch up and orders are still taking 2 weeks but once I get the hang of this back to school thing I'm sure turnaround will be much quicker.  Hope you all are having a great day!!!  Enjoy the pics and forgive me for the repeats.  I have HUNDREDS of product photos that need to blogged or deleted and I can't remember which products have been shown a million times. 

© 2011 paperdoll designs
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