Thursday, April 30, 2015

Daily To Do List Note Pads

I've found that some days just require a "Serious To Do List!"   I got tired of trying to squeeze all of my to do's on a crazy day onto a tiny post it note so I came up with this note pad for myself.  I can jot down my schedule, what's for dinner and list all my to do's for the day on one sheet of paper that I can tear off and take with me if I am headed out for the day.  I thought you might like these too so I've added them to the shop here.

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Scripture Cards

I had no idea that introducing Scripture Cards would be such a blessing to me and my business.  I was hesitant to introduce them because honestly, I didn't think people would want to buy them.  I thought people would think "what am I going to do with those?"  Oh how happy I am that I was wrong!  I am thrilled to be selling out of them week after week and even more thrilled when I get messages about how you are using them!!  I am committing scriptures to heart because I spend A LOT of time staring at them while I make and package them!!

Here are just a few ways customers have shared that they are using them:
Scripture Memorization: The original intent of these little cards was to aid in memorizing scripture.  It's so important to arm ourselves with the Word and to have it stored in our hearts and mind.  One customer told me she tapes a new card to her dashboard each week and works on memorizing it while she's in the car.  You can tape them to your mirror or place them near your desk.  Just reading it over a few times each day will help you commit them to memory.
Bible Journaling:  Bible Journaling has become so popular lately and I think it's a beautiful way to study scripture.  It makes so much sense to me that creatives would express worship CREATIVELY!  I LOVE scrolling through Pinterest and Instagram to see the amazing art that people are creating right on the pages of their Bible.  For those of us that are a little less gifted in the art department, just adding these cards to your Bible is a way to draw attention to certain passages that you love or that you have studied.

I've added several to my own Bible using washi tape.  I know some people may gasp at the idea of decorating or drawing in your Bible (my own son included) but as a creative person,  I just love this expression of faith!
Planner Decorating: Decorating your paper planners is another thing that is HUGE right now.  If you're one that uses a paper planner, I definitely recommend clipping or taping a scripture card in a place that you will see it often.  Not only will it look pretty, but it will be a constant source of encouragement as you go about your day.
Tip Cards/Pass Along Cards:  I've had customers tell me that they are leaving these cards with their tips or that they are putting them in the credit card slot at the gas station for the next person to find.  I love this!!  Just leave one in a random place praying that whomever stumbles upon it will be blessed by a little encouragement!

I'd love to hear how you are using your scripture cards!!

Friday, April 24, 2015

The TODY App

I've been using this cleaning app called TODY for a few months now and I'm still loving it so I thought I should share.  I love to declutter and organize and do projects around the house but actually cleaning the house is not my thing.  I do however LOVE checking things off a to-do list so this is the perfect app for me.  It was $2.99 well spent.
Once you download the app, you can add areas that suit your home. In addition to the areas above, I've added each kid's room, their bathroom, the hallway and a "general" category.
You can then add your chores for each area and designate how often you want to do them.  When a chore has been done, you see green.  It turns yellow, then orange and finally red the longer it's been since the task was last done.
When you've finished a task, you just pull that specific task up and click "Just did it!"  I don't know why, but it makes cleaning less painful to be able to click those buttons and watch the colors change.  Call me crazy.
Another thing I love about it is that I always have my cleaning list handy.  You can sort by room or just list out everything that needs to be done so it's super handy on a rushed cleaning day.  When I feel like the kids need a job to do, I just pull up the app on my phone and assign a chore that needs to be done.  I also love that it keeps me from forgetting some of the things that used to slip my mind like dreaded baseboards and light fixtures.  Cleaning is absolutely not one of my favorite things but this app has helped me out a lot.  I highly recommend!!

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Gold Dinosaur Planter: How To

I got my craft on Tuesday afternoon and I just had to share the finished product and the how to.
First, let me say that this adorable idea was not my own.  I saw one of these this weekend while I was at the Meagan Ready Photography Studio for The Crafters Bash and knew immediately that my boy, Charlie, would love this and I needed to make one of my own.  Meagan's planter was made using a tiny dinosaur but I decided to go with a big one and I'm in love with the way it turned out.  I think it adds a little something unexpected and fun to our front porch.
It was so easy.  All you need is a plastic dinosaur, spray paint, a box cutter or sharp cutting tool and a plant.  I purchased the dinosaur at Michael's and of course, I used a coupon so it turned out to be a very inexpensive project.   
The first step is cutting a hole in the dinosaur.  The one I chose was softer (almost Nerf like material) so I was able to use a box cutter.  If you choose a toy that is a hard plastic, you may need to use a drill or power tool of some sort.
Next, just spray paint away.  I chose gold because I'm still loving all things gold but you could do whatever color you'd like.
Just let it dry and then add a tiny plant...
and you're done!  I debated sticking a tiny vase inside to hold roses from our rose bush but instead went with a mini cactus.  I'm so loving this guy!  

Monday, April 20, 2015

The Crafter's Bash

I'm oh so lucky to have such a creative, crafty, awesome friend like Thuy of My Paper Pinwheel.  She put on another amazing Crafter's Bash this weekend and I was thrilled to be there as a helper.
One of my favorite things about The Crafter's Bash is Thuy's attention to detail.  Everything is just so pretty!  She has an eye for all things cute and she does a great job putting the whole thing together.  All the girls where "oohing" and "ahhing" and taking pictures right away.

Those paper fans  from My Paper Crush on the wall were to die for. 

Each attendee got an amazing swag bag!

This bash was a "Happy Mail Crafter's Bash" so Alex of Magnolia Letter Arts was there to teach some fun hand lettering for envelopes.
She gave all sorts of great tips and I can't wait to practice.  She was an awesome teacher!

I took Nora with me this time and she got to hang out and help out.  She loves Thuy and was so happy to be initiated into The Crafter's Bash family.
Emylee, me, Thuy & Alex

Friday, April 17, 2015

Proverbs 31 Online Bible Study

I just discovered online Bible studies about a year ago and they have truly made one of the biggest impacts on my spiritual life.  I'm a mom of three busy kids, a business owner and a wife and although I have grown to love real life, face to face Bible studies, they don't always work with our crazy schedule.  I love that I can do an online Bible study anywhere (usually in my car) and anytime (usually at afternoon school pick up) and that it's all laid out for me and I know exactly what to read each day.  All you really need is a phone and you're good to go.
I'm so thankful that a friend asked me to join her in Proverbs 31 Online Bible Study, What Happens When Women Walk in Faith!  This first week has been so good!  It's timing could not have been better for me.  It's all about stepping out in faith and living out the dreams God has for you.
 Each day, you get an email with a devotion or a video with instructions for the day. The book is awesome and I love the way Lysa TerKeurst has filled the book with scripture studies as well as great personal stories.  I'm only on Chapter 3 but I can tell I'm going to be blown away. 
You can sign up online here and it's not too late.  You can just go at your own pace.  Join me!!

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Scripture Cards for the Women of Nakuru, Kenya

Over spring break, my friend, Alycia, took her two girls to Kenya on a mission trip.  Friends, I've never been to Africa but I can tell you, it is a serious step in the direction of obedience to Christ to leave part of your family behind and board a plane (especially when you are not a fan of flying) to head to a foreign land far away where Diet Coke and coffee are not available on every street corner.  I wasn't even a part of the trip but I was so blessed by the pictures and texts she sent while she was there and all that she has told us since she has returned.
She was so moved by her experience there that she immediately made the decision to go back in July.  She will be teaching at the Wise Women's Conference in Nakura, Kenya July 12 - 15th.  She shared with me that many of these women do not have access to Bibles and since we are so passionate about hiding the word of God in our hearts, we are partnering together to get Scripture Cards to the women and girls of Kenya.  The goal of the women's conference is to empower women to be ALL they were created to be in Christ Jesus!  What is more empowering than the word of God? 
PaperDoll Scripture Cards will be an easy item to transport and our prayer is that we can send at least 100 sets there with her in July.  Will you partner with us?
I'll be putting $1 from every Scripture Card order towards our mission and at checkout you can choose to donate $1 too!
 Just click the "buy now" button when asked if you'd like to add $1 to send scripture cards to the Wise Women's Conference in Nakuru, Kenya.
I've been so overwhelmed at the feedback so far from the scripture cards but I never in my wildest dreams imagined that they would be spreading God's word across the world.  Please partner with us to make this dream come true!!

Monday, April 13, 2015

Name that Note Card Winner!

Thank you so much to those of you that sent suggestions for the new note card name!!  I loved reading your all are so good!
I narrowed it down to two and finally sent out a pole to a few close friends and settled on the cutest little name...
I think "Rosie Posie" is so perfect for this card!  Thank you Lucy & Ivy Wilson for the darling suggestion!  You win!!  Congrats!!  I'll be in touch!

© 2015 paperdoll designs Please don't be shy!! I'd love to hear your comments!

Friday, April 10, 2015

Name That Note Card!

Remember years and years ago when we used to play Name that Note Card on the blog all the time?
Let's play it again!!  This cute little note card needs a cute little name to go with it. 
Here's how it works:
1.  Leave a comment with your name suggestion.  If you are too shy, just email me at
2.  If your name suggestion is chosen, I'll send you a set of these note cards with YOUR name on them.
Let's play!!

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Hope Spoken 2015

If I feel the need to blog about something after all this time away from the blog, you know it must have been good!!  It's been almost 2 weeks since Hope Spoken and I'm still processing it all.  I still can't believe I actually went!  It is so unlike me to sign up for a retreat of any kind but I am so glad that my friend Thuy convinced me that I needed to go.  I went with the HOPE that God would really speak to me through all the amazing women speakers and WOW!  He did not disappoint!  I also wanted to get out of my comfort zone a little and connect with other women that just love Jesus and desire to live life differently.  I was so blessed by my tiny leap of faith!
There was so much to love about the weekend!!  They did an amazing job with every little detail.  Everything was so pretty...I wish I had taken more pictures!  The food was great.  The music was AMAZING!  Like, really AMAZING!!  The speakers were crazy good.  JEN HATMAKER, people!  For real!  She was good.  So good.  I was super inspired by so many of the breakout session speakers too.  I can't stop thinking about what Jodi Mockabee had to say on discovering spiritual gifts in our children and Stephanie Holden had me in tears on the last morning.  I think I might be her biggest fan.  I might be stalking her on IG a little too but don't tell her.  She is just so awesome!  She's got the best southern accent.  And she is beautiful.  And her grandkids call her Honey!  AND she is so incredibly blessed as a teacher of God's word.  SO GOOD!  I LOVE, LOVE, LOVED hearing about Neighbors Table.  There just might be a table for 20 in my future!
I think the thing I was most scared about was the small groups.  I'm usually not a fan.  It was not as scary as I thought it would be.  These women were so beautiful inside and out.  I missed them like crazy by Monday morning.
I don't think I realized how much I needed to be there until I got home.  It hit me like a ton of bricks on Sunday night when Nathan asked me how it was.  I was overwhelmed and I'm sure I seriously freaked him out when I just sat there and cried.  I can't really put it into words but more than anything I just know that I want to do a better job of being a representative of Christ.  I want to live differently.  I want to love and serve others.  I am so grateful for all the women there that were an example to me of what that looks like.
did I mention that the praise and worship music was so good??

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