Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Gold Dinosaur Planter: How To

I got my craft on Tuesday afternoon and I just had to share the finished product and the how to.
First, let me say that this adorable idea was not my own.  I saw one of these this weekend while I was at the Meagan Ready Photography Studio for The Crafters Bash and knew immediately that my boy, Charlie, would love this and I needed to make one of my own.  Meagan's planter was made using a tiny dinosaur but I decided to go with a big one and I'm in love with the way it turned out.  I think it adds a little something unexpected and fun to our front porch.
It was so easy.  All you need is a plastic dinosaur, spray paint, a box cutter or sharp cutting tool and a plant.  I purchased the dinosaur at Michael's and of course, I used a coupon so it turned out to be a very inexpensive project.   
The first step is cutting a hole in the dinosaur.  The one I chose was softer (almost Nerf like material) so I was able to use a box cutter.  If you choose a toy that is a hard plastic, you may need to use a drill or power tool of some sort.
Next, just spray paint away.  I chose gold because I'm still loving all things gold but you could do whatever color you'd like.
Just let it dry and then add a tiny plant...
and you're done!  I debated sticking a tiny vase inside to hold roses from our rose bush but instead went with a mini cactus.  I'm so loving this guy!  

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