Wednesday, August 19, 2009


The other day I decided I needed a new note card. I was feeling very into yellow...I think it had something to do with a Design Star episode that I watched. I thought the yellow and blue was so happy. In very unpaperdoll fashion, I'm really liking the yellow and gray. OF COURSE, there has to be pink. I like designs like these because they can pretty much be done in any two colors. I'll just add them as people request them. Anyway, here's what I ended up with and now it needs a CUTE name!
Here's how we play:
Leave a comment on this post or send me an email with your name suggestions. The person who submits the winning name will not only go down in history as an official PaperDoll Note Card Namer but they will also win a prize!!! This time I will let the winner pick either a set of note cards in this design OR a coaster in this design.
Send in your suggestions....LET'S PLAY!!!
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  1. I'm not good at this but how about Stained Glass. They kind of reminds me of the stained glass windows at my hometown church...and the yellow is the sun coming through.
    I know...dumb, but that's all I could come up with.

  2. Hey Karen-

    First, I am totally copying your candy party for Cha Cha. It was so cute! So thanks for that idea.
    Second, the new notecard reminds me of lattice work. So, the only thing I can come up with is "lattice."
    Glad your kids like their new school!
    Ashleigh B.

  3. know I always love to play "Name that Notecard"!
    How about:
    WHITE PICKET FENCE - what everyone needs around their dream house
    PRIM & PROPER - reminds me of a classic '50's dress w/ a pretty monogrammed belt around it
    LAWN PARTY - can't you just see the white wicker furniture with pink lemonade?!
    ALL PUT TOGETHER - self explanatory

  4. 1. Crisscross
    2. Mesh
    3. Empirial
    4. Audrey (like Hepburn ... just a classic)
    5. Classic
    6. Timeless

  5. Love it! I think it could really be great in a number of color combinations! It reminds me of my mom's table cloth that she used for GARDEN PARTIES when I was a kiddo...So I think "GARDEN PARTY" would be fitting!
    Love it!

  6. I LOVE the name Garden Party and it's been suggested more than once for this card...but I think it's such a cute name that I had already named another note card Garden Party...maybe I should change the other card's name...

  7. Can I make more than one suggestion??? Just thought of this: it reminds me of a Lilly Pulitzer pattern in a patchwork wrap around skirt my mom has. What about Lattice Lilly or I like LILLY LATTICE? SO Ptreppy! I know which one of my friends I'm going to order this for!

  8. How about Diamond Glaze?

  9. It does remind me of a bird cage -mod bird cage,
    lattice lovely, or feeling fenced. Those are my suggestions :) how fun!

  10. Fun idea!
    my thoughts...
    1. A girls best friend
    2. Simply diamonds
    3. Forever diamonds
    4. Sweet and Chic

    You can tell what's on my mind...
    Mellany B.


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