Tuesday, August 25, 2009

This isn't so bad after all...

Thank you so much to all of you that have sent such encouraging emails about our little home schooling adventure. It truly makes my day to wake up to an email from someone telling me that they are thinking about us over here in our little "school." I have to be honest, a few days before "school" started, I was having HUGE regrets about our decision. I cried. I felt like this was going to be the worst decision EVER. When everyone went to Meet The Teacher, I felt like someone was having a big party and my kids were the only ones that didn't get invited. I listened to everyone talk about what teacher they got and I made a million lunchboxes and bag tags for other kids that were going to the big "party." I had a little pity party and wondered what in the world led us to this decision. Then school started and I prepared myself for the horribleness (I just decided that was a word.) Guess what? It's not horrible. I'm kind of enjoying it. I like planning. I like color coding their folders by the day of the week. I like finding out that Nora loves math and I would have never guessed that. I like that she suddenly LOVES to read and gets so excited when I tell her it's free reading time. I like that Graham is actually teaching ME geography because apparantly he studies maps in his spare time. I love that I get to teach him cursive and that he thinks it is so cool. I like that I am spending more time with them than I really have in a long time. I love that they have great friends who haven't forgotten about them just because they aren't at school. It might get old. It's only been a week and a half. I might be desparate for alone time. I might get tired of the fact that my errands are now group outings. I might get sick of having a dirty house because no one has time to clean it. But either way, I think I will look back on this and be glad that we did it. Thanks for all the encouragement.

Oh, and Charlie got in trouble today AGAIN at preschool. There was a long list of naughty things that he was up to. His teacher is the sweetest. I think she'll learn to love him despite his flaws.

A PaperDoll Newsletter just went out. Did you get it?

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  1. I just have to say how relieved I am to see that the Paper Doll Designs I know & love is still here! It has been a while (don't know why) since I have been to your blog or web site, but the other day I was wanting to hear some music on my computer & I thought I would go to your blog & listen to your play list. The top listing from Google said "Paper Dolls Design (didn't pick up on the tiny difference) has closed & given flight to BetsyWhite Sationary Boutique" & I freaked out!! It was solely invitations & a few note cards. They were cute designs, but just not the same stuff. I am glad to know you have not flown off on some wierd tangent & decided not to bring us the goodies we love :)

  2. I think that you are doing a wonderful job! Takes a special person to be a teacher! Have a wonderful time!

  3. I think that you are doing a wonderful job! Takes a special person to be a teacher and I applaud you! Have a wonderful day!

  4. It so does NOT surprise me that you are a homeschoolin' Momma! I just left you a message on another post. I've ordered your stuff before, and The Draper House is a friend of mine. So today I went to your blog again from hers.

    I home schooled my oldest (7) for her first year. My mom got cancer that fall and passed away. At the time it was too much to have one in Kindy, a 4 year old, and 2 1/2 year old. So we put them in a really great private school here in Owasso. But next year we will be learning at home again. The timing is right again... finally. And I must admit... I can't WAIT!! I love having my kids at home. They love it too. The thing that really sealed the deal is that this year we have activities every night of the week, plus Saturday. With 3 kids: soccer, dance, and I want them in music too. If we are learning at home, we can be done early afternoon... then if we run around all evening, it's okay! Because we won't have been at school all day (and don't even get me started on homework).
    Anyway, I hope you and your kids are still LOVING it!!!


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