Wednesday, December 28, 2011


2011 seemed liked the busiest year ever for our family.  PaperDoll Designs was crazy busy, my husband's job had him traveling WAY too much, the kids were all involved in sports and activities and school and we tried to be a bit more social after declaring 2011 "The Year of Fun."  It seems it got the best of us.  By the end of the year, the house was mess, dinners were rarely on the table, we'd lost shoes, pom poms, soccer balls, important receipts, earrings, homework, library books and more.  We had plumbing issues, broken garage doors, flying squirrels and bad transmissions.   We had lots of great things happen too (we know we are so blessed) but I'm hoping 2012 can be a little less stressful, a lot more organized and still a lot of fun.  First on the list is cleaning and getting rid of all the stuff we don't need.  I know I do this every January but I'm praying this year I can get the whole family on board and that we can change some bad habits.  I've already warned the kids....The CHORE CHARTS are being revised and will be making their debut on January 1st.  They seemed less than thrilled but I am ecstatic!!  If you want to jump on the ORGANIZED/CLEAN/DE-STRESS train with me, I've got the dry erase calendars and the chore charts more than 15% off in The Shop. 

Although the site is on and there are specials going right now, I am still on a little work vacation.  I'll be back to work next week and will turn orders around as quickly as possible.

Have a great last week of 2011!!

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Monday, November 28, 2011

Happy Monday!!

I was so excited this morning to see several boxes waiting for me on my front porch!  I ripped them open so fast and was thrilled with what I found inside.  I think you will be too!!  Pictures don't do them's hard to take a pic of a blanket!

These blankets are the SOFTEST velveteen plush! I was so happy with the colors and the quality.  I absolutely adore them!!

There are three sizes available
small (toddler/baby) - 30" x 40" - $55
medium - 50" x 60" - $65
large - 60" x 80" - $75

These will be on the website when it is turned on tomorrow.  If you know you want one, feel free to email me about it today. 

© 2011 paperdoll designs

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Picture Post

 christmas tree chevron pillowcase
leopard print red damask binder 
maude clipboards 
 megaphone zebra ornament
peace sign mini spirals 
red and white polka dot soap dispenser 
santa chevron pillowcase 
rugby rocks plate 
cafe plaid blue red plate 
peppermint stripe platter

© 2011 paperdoll designs

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Christmas Announcement!

I'm HORRIBLE at saying NO.  I almost ALWAYS feel GUILTY if I don't drive on a field trip or go to a party I'm invited to or donate an item for an auction or volunteer at school.  Even if I have a really good reason not to do something, I feel GUILTY for days.  I hate to let anyone down.  I'm feeling awful right about now.  I just decided NOT to do the big bazaar I was scheduled to do this week.  I have a lot of good reasons:

*my spiral printer has been down ALL WEEK and won't be fixed until Monday
*I've had family in town since Wednesday and I wanted to hang out with them instead of working
*I've still got LOTS and LOTS of orders to finish and don't know if I can handle a whole huge Bazaar's worth more!
*the deadline for me to order platters is Thursday...they are always one of the biggest sellers at this show which means I'd have less than 24 hours to set them all up and get proofs approved...YIKES!
*Nathan just announced my car is going to be in the shop this week...starting Wednesday.
*It might send me over the edge :)

I think those are good reasons but I still feel GUILTY.  But the decision has been made.  To make me feel a little better and to keep those of you that were headed out to place orders from me at the Bazaar happy, I will open the website up ONE MORE TIME!!!  Tuesday morning, NOVEMBER 29th,  I will turn on the website.  I hope to have it up most of the day but will turn it off once I get to a point that I can't handle another order.   Place your orders early to make sure you get yours in.  There will be some items that are not available due to time constraints.

If you were planning on going to the Metro Bazaar, you should still go.  It was pretty awesome last year. 

© 2011 paperdoll designs

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Happy Wednesday!!!

The week of PaperDoll Specials is off and running!!  The studio is a mess, printers are going crazy, tulle is EVERYWHERE, dinner is NOT getting cooked and the house is NOT getting cleaned but I'm happy to be making pretty paper!  Get your orders in QUICK!!

Before I get this picture post started, I thought you might be happy to know that there is a new spool family moving into the dollhouse.  After this post my fabulous sister-in-law volunteered to make us a new family.  Here are the first two...
We love them!!

© 2011 paperdoll designs
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