Saturday, November 26, 2011

Christmas Announcement!

I'm HORRIBLE at saying NO.  I almost ALWAYS feel GUILTY if I don't drive on a field trip or go to a party I'm invited to or donate an item for an auction or volunteer at school.  Even if I have a really good reason not to do something, I feel GUILTY for days.  I hate to let anyone down.  I'm feeling awful right about now.  I just decided NOT to do the big bazaar I was scheduled to do this week.  I have a lot of good reasons:

*my spiral printer has been down ALL WEEK and won't be fixed until Monday
*I've had family in town since Wednesday and I wanted to hang out with them instead of working
*I've still got LOTS and LOTS of orders to finish and don't know if I can handle a whole huge Bazaar's worth more!
*the deadline for me to order platters is Thursday...they are always one of the biggest sellers at this show which means I'd have less than 24 hours to set them all up and get proofs approved...YIKES!
*Nathan just announced my car is going to be in the shop this week...starting Wednesday.
*It might send me over the edge :)

I think those are good reasons but I still feel GUILTY.  But the decision has been made.  To make me feel a little better and to keep those of you that were headed out to place orders from me at the Bazaar happy, I will open the website up ONE MORE TIME!!!  Tuesday morning, NOVEMBER 29th,  I will turn on the website.  I hope to have it up most of the day but will turn it off once I get to a point that I can't handle another order.   Place your orders early to make sure you get yours in.  There will be some items that are not available due to time constraints.

If you were planning on going to the Metro Bazaar, you should still go.  It was pretty awesome last year. 

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