Thursday, April 23, 2009

Name That Note Card!

It's been a while since we've played Name That Note Card. Let's play! Here's how it works:
The design featured above is nameless. Leave a comment - if your shy, send an email - with your name suggestion. I will either choose my favorite or if I can't make up my mind, I will do a poll to choose the name. The winner gets a free set of note cards in their color choice.
See that card up there that says Cash Bevins?? Wanna know who Cash Bevins is?? Go here to meet the sweet little man. God is good! Congratulations to the Bevins Family!!!

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  1. Very cute! Love them! Here are a couple of suggestions for names:
    Candy Stripes

  2. So thankful for little Cash.

    Here are some ideas...
    Lily Kate
    Sara Beth

  3. God is sooooo G-O-O-D!!!!! Found them through your blog and this just makes my day! My notecard name suggestion is "the peppermint"!!!!!

  4. Darling -- it kind of reminds me of "Little Bo Peep," which you were so sweet to let me name. :-)

    Lace & Stripes
    Cotton Ball Stripe

  5. These totally remind me of a Beach how 'bout
    *The HAMPTON

  6. here you go...
    I skip right over the stripes and head straight to that cookie shape in the middle. I have a one track (sweets) mind.

    cookie cutter
    thin mint
    chocolate fudge brownie

    ok, maybe not the last one. I got carried away.

  7. These cards make me happy. I would call this collection. The Happy Stripes Collection.

  8. So cute! How about "Sweet Stripes" =)

  9. Oh how cute!! Kiss your brain K for another job well done! Love 'em!!!

    How about : 1.Powder puff 2.Stripes & Puffs or Puffs & Stripes 3.Funtime 4.Cotton Candy

  10. More suggestions:

    Shelby Stripes
    Savannah Stripes

    How fun! You get to use all these cute names that I loved when I was having kids. Too many cute names, not enough kids!

  11. I'm so thrilled for the Bevins family...their sweet little Cash will have so much love!

    Here are some ideas for your fun design:
    Fun Katie Stripes
    Cute Cash Stripes
    Preppy Katie Stripes
    Preppy Cash Stripes
    Sugar and Spice Stripes
    Preppy Peppy Stripes

  12. They remind me of a fabric I love that is polka dot called Candy Dots
    So how about
    Candy Striper
    Candy Stripes

  13. Oh, oh I know I just had a looks like that Fruit Stripe gum, you know the kind, with that crazy zebra from when we were kids?!?!?! Yea, Yea, that's it!

  14. Those are so cute! The shape in the middle makes me think of a dandelion, so my suggestion is 'dandy stripes.'

  15. So cute! I couldn't think of anything clever, but, like you, I am so excited for Kim and her how about CB Stripe!

  16. if you have ever been to Sea Side Florida, you would know why those cards remind me of that beautiful colorful place. The houses are all siding and all the colors of your cards! I think it is the place where "The Truman Show" was is perfect! So my suggestions are

    1. Seaside
    2. Cash (in honor or cash and the hopes these cards bring you some!)
    3. Happy Daisey (the flower looks likea daisey to me!)

  17. So fun! They make me think of Happy Candy, so maybe Wonka or Wonka Stripes, or just Happy Day or Giggles!
    Ashleigh B

  18. it should definitely be seaside or powder doubt about it. also..i used to be a teacher and since you didn't ask for my opinion....NO MRS. OR MR.....cuz then you can't just be "ashley" extremely humble the new notecards...been outta blogland for YOU!



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