Friday, May 30, 2008

Slip Slidin'

We had the best time tonight. We went to our friends' Lucy & Layne's house to grill out and let the kids run wild. They had so much fun on the Slip & Slide and we had so much fun just sitting and watching and talking and EATING. Lucy made THE chocolate cake. I could smell it the second I walked in their door. It was delicious and by request I will be posting the recipe soon. Very soon...I promise.
PaperDoll Lip Balm has been popular this are some pics:

Thursday, May 29, 2008

The cutest little pair of pants EVER

I've been holding out on you. I got Charlie the most adorable pants for his birthday and I had this grand plan to take a fabulous photo of him modeling these adorable pants and then I would post the fabulous photo here for all the world to see. The picture has never been taken but here are the crazy fun pants:

They are so fun and he looks way too cute in them! I got them here and they shipped straight from Hawaii SUPER FAST! Judi was awesome and when I told her it was for my Charlie's bday she popped them in the mail right away. I was super excited when I opened the package and found this book:

Turns out she is an award winning author and she sent Charlie a signed copy of her book as a birthday gift. It's a great book and all three of the kids really loved it. Read her bio...she's cool.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

School's out, School's out...

I'm already beginning to wonder how we will make it through the summer. Charlie has OFFICIALLY reached the terrible twos and can not be taken anywhere. One quick trip to the store yesterday with all three kids proved that this summer will be a long one. I know, just last week I said I was looking forward to the last day of school. I didn't know that in between then and now Charlie was going to learn how to scream so loud that the windows shake. You think I'm kidding. They seriously rattle. He thinks its funny. I guarantee people in the store yesterday didn't think it was all that funny. He has also decided to give up food, clothing and night time sleeping. He will not allow anyone in the house to play board games unless he can periodically dive into the middle of the game board and send all game pieces flying. He will not allow anyone to play Webkinz unless he can randomly have control of the mouse. Unless he can have complete ownership of one remote control at all time there is no WII allowed. I could go on, but I'm sure you get the picture. He's so cute and can be so sweet but OH MY GOSH what are we gonna do with this boy??
The plate you are about to see really deserved it's own post. It's that beautiful. I was so thrilled when I got this order and I couldn't wait to see it in person. It's fabulous!

Pink Chandelier Plate - $20

My sister-in-law sent this cute little photo clip last week. I think it was supposed to be for Nora but really she should know by now that if something pink and sparkly shows up I might claim it. It's perfect for photo opps!

It's a Plane bag tag & Monkey Girl bag tag - $6 each
Close your eyes baby Ellis...your birthday plate will be there soon! Dot Dot Darcy Green & Purple Plate
Dot Dot Darcy Black & Red Checkbook Cover and Pen

Chocolate for Hollie Mini Bag Tag - $5

custom card - Hepburn Green and Yellow

Baseball Sippy - $12

Onesies - Pink and Chocolate Stripe and Blue and Chocolate Stripe
I just love the name Gus! It was on my list for Charlie...Love it! Cute!

Pirate Sippy
Guitar Stickers - $7/set
Sippy...poor design has no name...
Dot Dot Darcy Black and Pink with Owl Checkbook Cover

Hippie Chic Fold Over note cards and Flat note cards

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

More Bundt Cakes...

Seriously. Are you so tired of seeing these cakes? Same cake, different bow. I still love them. They are so cute everytime. My nieces came in town this past weekend and both of them have birthdays coming up so The Baker baked his yummy chocolate chip chocolate cake and I got to decorate two more baby bundts. This time I added a little gift to the center of the bow. I ordered these cute little Lego rings a long time ago and was saving them for their birthdays. They both love Legos and when I saw these sparkly little things I new they had to have them. Of course, now Nora thinks she has to have one too...
My niece set the "Kid's Table" at my mom's house. Doesn't it look lovely? Wonder where Nana got those great plates for all the grandkids?

Friday, May 23, 2008

I'm the Mommy of a 2nd Grader!

This handsome little man (who will be getting a haircut tomorrow) has not gotten a lot of blog time. Poor guy! Today was the last day of school and he is so excited to officially be a second grader. He had an awesome year. We seriously had the best first grade teacher EVER! She really challenged our little genius and he had the best time and made some really great friends.
Here he is at the Author's Tea they had the other day. They each wrote a book and had it "published" and then invited all the parents for a reading. It was too cute and he did a great job.

He's our analytical, rule following, fact memorizing, speed reading super kid. He's never been one to really use his imagination...he's more about the facts BUT his story totally blew me away. It was so cute and very creative!
We took him out tonight all by himself. Just me, Nathan and Graham. We NEVER do that. The poor G hasn't had any alone time with his mommy and daddy since 2003. He LOVED it. We went to dinner and to a movie. We really should do it more often. Isn't he freakin' adorable??? I just love this little man!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

PaperDoll Onesies and T-Shirts

A month or two ago I made some shirts for Nora and Charlie. I posted them on this crazy blog and a few minutes later I got an order. I explained that I hadn't even washed our shirts yet...I had no idea whether they would hold up...I hadn't given much thought to selling them. Still, she wanted a shirt and so I made my first t-shirt sell. And then came another order and another. I still feel like I haven't put them through a long wash and wear test but so far all of our shirts have held up very well. Most of the people that have bought them so far have not cared much about the long run b/c they have been purchased for newborns that will grow out of them before they wear out or for special occasions. I wash our t's inside out in cold and then lay them flat to dry. I throw them in the dryer (still inside out) on low to soften them up a bit.

After posting Nora's "I'M FIVE" shirt I recieved a flood of emails and so I wanted to let you all know that I will definitely do white baby onesies in pretty much any design. They are $12 each. The big kid white t's are a little harder because I do not keep them on hand in various sizes SO if you would like one please give me as much lead time as possible so I can round up the right size. They are $15.

I am in the beginning stages and have hopes to work with a screenprinting company to have my t-shirt designs done professionally. We'll see were that goes. I have so many design/product ideas going on in my brain we'll just have to see if any of them actually happen. Thanks for all the emails! I'm so glad you like Nora's T.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

PaperDoll Pics

I've been so into birthdays lately that I am behind on my PaperDoll related posts. Here are a ton of pictures...

Dot Dot Darcy Pink/Green BookMark

Dot Dot Darcy Pink/Green Note Cards

Dot Dot Darcy Pink/Green Tumbler
Mimi Note Cards

Hepburn Personalized Pens - $2.50 each
Hepburn Pink Note Cards and Pen

Rugby Bitty Tiny Favor Boxes
On the Side Pink flat Note Cards, Charlie Flat Note Cards, Dot Dot Darcy Blue/Brown Note Cards
Camo Sports Bottle with Sports Balls

Hepburn Tan Tumbler

Hepburn Pink Note Cards
Chocolate for Hollie Note Cards
Pink and Orange Mini Candy Bars with Daisy

Blue, Chocolate, Ivory Stripe Sippy and Onesie

Rugby Blue/Chocolate Note Cards

A few more Birthday pics...

Nora in her "I"M FIVE" shirt.

Her teacher from school made this crown she's wearing! You should see it in person. It's so very Nora! It sparkles and has all sorts of little pink treasures on it. Her teacher is amazing!

Bitty Tiny "I'M FIVE" boxes that Nora handed out at school on her birthday.
And that is the end of the birthday pics for a while.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Nora's Birthday Gift...

Or was it for me?
I've been dying to show you what Nora got for her birthday!
Excuse the poor photography but how cute is that? Her daddy and I built it and painted it pink and wallpapered each room with frou frou girly wallpaper. I have always wanted to do this. My very favorite childhood gift was my dollhouse and I couldn't wait to make one for Nora. She was so excited but seriously I think I was a little bit more excited. It's too cute. I would live in it if I could.
When I started shopping for dollhouse families I found that dollhouse people are scary looking. There is nothing worse than a scary looking doll so I started seriously searching and found Megan on Etsy. Her little spool dolls are perhaps the cutest things ever!! I loved them online but when they showed up in the mail I about died over the cute factor! She was so great to work with and she made a little Jameison family just for us. They have our names on the bottom of them and she even makes dogs so we have a Foster too!!
The Jameison Family Spool dollies
Now it's time to furnish the place. I bought a little bit of furniture and I even made some of it but I think part of the fun will be decorating it with Nora. She's been playing with it a lot but I've found myself on more than one occasion sitting down to arrange the furniture and admire the cuteness.

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