Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Nora's Birthday Gift...

Or was it for me?
I've been dying to show you what Nora got for her birthday!
Excuse the poor photography but how cute is that? Her daddy and I built it and painted it pink and wallpapered each room with frou frou girly wallpaper. I have always wanted to do this. My very favorite childhood gift was my dollhouse and I couldn't wait to make one for Nora. She was so excited but seriously I think I was a little bit more excited. It's too cute. I would live in it if I could.
When I started shopping for dollhouse families I found that dollhouse people are scary looking. There is nothing worse than a scary looking doll so I started seriously searching and found Megan on Etsy. Her little spool dolls are perhaps the cutest things ever!! I loved them online but when they showed up in the mail I about died over the cute factor! She was so great to work with and she made a little Jameison family just for us. They have our names on the bottom of them and she even makes dogs so we have a Foster too!!
The Jameison Family Spool dollies
Now it's time to furnish the place. I bought a little bit of furniture and I even made some of it but I think part of the fun will be decorating it with Nora. She's been playing with it a lot but I've found myself on more than one occasion sitting down to arrange the furniture and admire the cuteness.


  1. you are KILLING ME! i love those little dolls and our dollhouse needs some serious help! we built one for Anna too! i love it more than she does! i'm refurbishing my dollhouse from when i was a little girl...it's pink, white and pale aqua now. it was 1983 brown and orange. ick. i love all the wallpaper...scrapbook paper i presume? love it all girl. God has blessed you abundantly. so sweet!

  2. oh and i would love to know where you purchased the other furniture...

  3. This is YOUR CALLING! You NEED to sell these DOLLHOUSES!! My girls need one!!! CUTENESS to the 100TH Degree.

  4. SHUT UP!!! Okay, I'm totally copying off you and painting ours pink! You know, we have two just like that and I have a little girl who would DIE for it to be pink and match her room!!!!!! I WANT the spool people. WHERE did you get them??? Email me! And where did the wallpaper come from?


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