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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Christmas 2009

I didn't find the time this weekend to get all the Christmas Cards loaded on the website (big shocker!) but I decided to go ahead and post all the cards from years past here on the blog. I've got a few new ones in the works that I hope I will be ready to post soon. I've got great designs in my head...wish you could see them! If I don't get them on the computer this year, there will always be next year! All the photo cards will be $1.50 each and will be printed on high quality cardstock. Please send your uncropped pictures in jpeg format by email. If you plan to use a professional picture I MUST have a signed consent from the photographer. Unfortunately, I will NOT be offering the glossy mini cards this year. I did a test print recently with the printer I used last year and had some quality issues that I just don't have the time to resolve right now. I am willing to work with you if you would like the file only for your card so that you can have it printed at a photo lab of your choice. Just email if you're interested in a file only.
Hippie Chic Christmas Tree

Hippie Chic Christmas Horizontal Pic
Hippie Chic Christmas Vertical Pic
Candy Christmas Trees Horizontal Pic

Candy Christmas Stripe Horizontal Pic
Candy Christmas Stripe Vertical Pic
Peace, Love & Candy Canes with Film Strip of Pics
Hepburn Blue Horizontal Pic...You may substitute the Hepburn design for Damask Hepburn Pink Film Strip Pics
Hepburn Red Vertical Pic
Chocolate Tile with Pink - Horizontal Pic
Chocolate Tile with Red Horizontal PicChocolate Tile with Blue Vertical Pic
Chocolate Tile with Green Horizontal Pic
Domino Blue
Domino Hot Pink

Damask (many color options available)

Flower Power Christmas

Snowflakes (also available in pink/red & green/red)

Let It Snow! (also available in pink & blue)

Little Debbie Christmas

Gingham Christmas

GumDrop Stripes (chocolate shown)

Christmas Gumdrops

Christmas Gumdrops turquoise

Berry Christmas (also available in pink & blue)

Big Dotty Christmas (available in many color options)
Dot Dot Darcy (available in many colors)

StarBright Green

StarBright Blue

StarBright Pink

© 2009 paperdoll designs

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Maybe you've noticed...

that there STILL aren't any Christmas Cards on the website. Yes, I've noticed that too. I'm still trying to decide what to do about it. Business has been good since the website came around. I wish I had done the "real" website thing a long time ago!! I'm getting lots of new customers from all over and it's fabulous! The timing is not perfect though. This homeschooling adventure that we are on takes a lot of my work time and so I'm struggling a little with "doing it all." A teeny tiny part of me is thinking "what would happen if there were NO PaperDoll Christmas cards this year????" I'm already way past the deadline I had set for myself. I really don't have much time to make a decision. SO....I've given myself one last chance. If I can't get them loaded on to the website by THIS weekend then this will be the year that PaperDoll had no Christmas cards. Doesn't that sound sad?? We gotta do what we gotta do and I'm trying to remember that I'm a mommy and a wifey first and a PaperDoll second. We'll see what happens...
There's a poll over it in!

Sunday, October 18, 2009


There are many designs to choose from but if you don't see the design you are looking for please email because I may not have listed every design. The sale will last until Tuesday night...or until I have a chance to go back in and change the prices back.
Personalize your placemat with "Be Our Guest" so your visitors can have their own placemat too!
Dot Dot Darcy Christmas Tree Placemat
Christmas GumDrops Placemat
Guitar Placemat

***custom placemat orders and previously placed placemat orders will not be eligible for the sale...thanks for understanding!
© 2009 paperdoll designs

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Start making your list...

The PaperDoll Special next week will be PLACEMATS!!! They make great gifts!!! Stay tuned for more information about the sale!hepburn green note cards paperdoll paisley lime note cards
sabrena stripe note cards
henry stripe aqua note cards
red damask turquoise note cards
black damask tiffany blue note cards
white picket fence gray and tiffany blue note cards
white picket fence black and lime note cards
mimi black and red note cards
robot mommy note pads
prince crowns mommy note pads
domino red stripe large clipboard
leopard pink stripe large clipboard
spring gumdrops stripe large clipboard
spring gumdrops stripe large clipboard
leopard pink stripe pencil cup

© 2009 paperdoll designs

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