Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Okay, that's last years' card and I haven't even started thinking about designs for this year YET but I thought it would be fun to have a little PaperDoll Christmas in July SALE. I know, I am officially on "vacation" but that doesn't mean you can't send in your orders to get in on the sale. Here's the deal:

Send in your orders NOW through July 31st at midnight and you will receive the following discounts:

15% off
Note Pads
Candy Bars
Pencil Cups

10% off
Sports Bottles
Sippy & Straw Cups

Here's the fine print: these orders WILL NOT BE PROCESSED UNTIL I RETURN on August 12th and therefore will not be ready until approximately August 22nd (trays may take longer.) This sale DOES NOT apply to previous orders. Only orders placed during this time (and the last few orders that I am currently working on) will apply. This discount may not apply if you have something EXTREMELY custom and out of the ordinary that you would like me to do. No other discounts will apply. I think that's about it.

Monday, July 28, 2008

A Day to Remember...

Our trip to the American Girl store was SO fun! It has been my favorite event of the summer so far and I'm sure Nora would agree. Everything in that store is too stinkin' cute and Nora's got a Christmas list a mile long already. Here are some pics to show you how much fun my sweet Nora had on her special outing...
"I found Ruthie!!!"
Handing over all her hard earned money (and more of mine)...
FINALLY!!! The Bistro is cute and PINK, of course. There are little high chairs for your dolls and even extra dolls just in case.
Cute light fixtures, cute bar stools, cute everything...
This picture sums up how Nora felt about American Girl!

I'm ready to go back. Seriously....I'd go back tomorrow.

After our fabulous morning, we headed to Frisco to see this:

My Sweet Niece Ellis and her first birthday cake!

We stood out in the Texas heat and took some family photos...

All the excitement made Charlie feel like this...

so we headed back to the hotel and immediately did this...

The End.

Sunday, July 27, 2008


BUT IT WILL HAVE TO WAIT. I'm exhausted! It was a super busy (fun) weekend.
But, as promised, I will let you know the winner of the giveaway.
The Random Number Generator thingy picked #10. Lori who said "PaperDoll Designs make me happy! I can't get enough!:)" Lori, email me so I can get your prize to you!! Congratulations!!!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

A BIG HUGE EXCITING event at the Jameison house

This picture was taken tonight right before I walked out the door to take Nora to ballet and then to head to a Bs Purse party (cute bags, by the way.) It was random to take a picture but I'm glad we did because when I got back Graham looked like this:
HE LOST HIS FIRST TOOTH! He's had two teeth pulled at the dentist but he was pretty much the only almost 2nd grader around that still had his top two baby teeth. He is so excited! I don't know why but I totally cried when I saw him. He's just getting so big! How much is the tooth fairy supposed to leave???

***Don't forget the GIVEAWAY! For details, click here!

Heading to Big D

In less than 48 hours, Nora and I will be here. Nora is so excited. She's been talking about it forever. It's possible that I am even more excited. Although ridiculously overpriced, their stuff is way too cute! The little shoes...the little daybeds...get out. Too cute! Nora's been saving her pennies (and so have I) and she's dying to bring Ruthie home. We're going to have brunch with her doll in what I hear is a fabulously pink little Bistro. I swear, I think I might be a 5 year old trapped in a grown up's body...I can't wait! I think shopping for little doll outfits and eating brunch in a pink restaurant will be a great way to spend my Saturday. I'll tell you all about it when I get back!
Now, I know I am going on vacation but I'm still thinking a little Christmas in July sale is what we need. I'll let you know the details soon.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

It's time for a GIVEAWAY!

My friend Dindy just had her first children's book published! It's too cute and I LOVE the illustrations...a little pink owl....how cute is that? I've got a signed copy to giveaway and I will be adding a few PaperDoll Night Owl items. If you win you will get a set of large Night Owl note pads, one set of small Night Owl cards and of course, a signed copy of Dindy's new book. If you don't win, don't worry...you can buy it here.

Here's what you gotta do: leave a comment on THIS POST. On Sunday night (late night to go with the owl theme) I will let the random number generator thingy do it's job and one of you will win! Leave a comment...don't be shy!

PaperDoll Lunchboxes!

NEW Design! (Impervious Font)
Rugby Blue & Red (Georgia font)
Big Dotty Hot Pink (Curlz font)
Maui Pink & Turquoise (curlz font)

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Mama Mia!

LOVED IT! Go see it!

My Music...

Usually when I go to a website or blog that has music I end up hitting my computer's mute button. That's why I've gone so long without adding a play list but today I added one anyway. You may not like my taste in music - it's pretty random. For instance, over the past few days I have voluntarily listened to this song on several occassions. I know I'm not a 12 year old girl but I like it. Can't help it. Hit mute if you must! SHA!

Oh, and Darcy, I will be adding some songs JUST FOR YOU soon. You'll know which ones are for you when you hear them. YOU LOVE MY TASTE IN MUSIC!

Camp MGS

The little darlings headed out to Camp M~G~S today! That's Camp Mema, Grandpa & (Aunt) Sabrena and let me tell you how excited I am about it. Oh how I love them but it's been over two years since I have spent more than a day away from my babies and this mommy is excited about having a little time to myself! And it's not like I had to force them to go. Look how excited they are! They couldn't get there fast enough. They are going to have a great time over the next few days and so am I! I'll be happy when they are home again but I get to sleep past 7 tomorrow and that sounds pretty good.

Look at this cute pic of Charlie and Nora. Charlie dropped his Thomas the Train right as I was taking the picture and I caught him saying "Uh Oh" and Nora is doing her usual picture pose. Aren't they adorable?

Tatum Pink & Tatum Purple pencil cups (curlz font)

Kindergarten Rocks Lunchbox (PupCat and Susie's Hand fonts)

Pink Striped Initial Onesie (Georgie font)

Vintage Baby Green Tray (sweetheart script)

LOVE THESE Henry Stripe Plate and matching Big Dotty Placemat (sweetheart script)

LadyBug Dot Dot Darcy Black/Red (kayleigh font), Wagon on Blue Striped Shirt (leftovers font) and Monkey Girl on Dot Dot Darcy Pink/Green (kayleigh font) Bag Tags

Little Prince Bag Tag (childish font)

Rugby Blue/Brown (Georgia font)

Groovy Girl Note Cards (curly cue font)

Hippie Chic Sports Bottle (curly cue font)

Thank you so much for all of the sippy cup orders! They have been a big seller and I have a hard time keeping them in stock! Right now I am completely SOLD OUT of pink sippy cups. I have purple though and look how cute...

Tatum Purple Lavender sippy cup (impervious font), Dot Dot Darcy Purple Green Purple sippy - it really is very purple but for some reason it looks blue in this pic (sweetheart script), Purple & Pink Initial stripe Purple straw cup (curlz font) and Hepburn Purple Lavender sippy (sweetheart script.)

Pink Flower Power Straw cup (curlz font)

Hepburn Red (curlz) and Princess (sweetheart script) - This order was for ANOTHER Nora Claire in town...not my Nora Claire!

Tattoo Baby Sippy

Thanks, Sweet Lori for suggesting that I put fonts on the blog. I hope it makes it easier for those of you trying to decide which font you want.

I'm feeling like a GIVEAWAY!!! Check back soon...

Friday, July 18, 2008

I almost kissed the mailman!

I had the best mail day ever! I love checking the mail but usually I'm disappointed with bills and junk BUT not today! There were two packages with my name on them. The first one I opened was from Jennifer Fosberry. A while back I entered a drawing and I won a signed copy of her children's book that was getting ready to be published. My Name Is Not Isabella arrived today and I absolutely love it! I stopped right there on the front porch and read the whole thing to Nora and Charlie. They both loved it too! If you know me, you know that I LOVE little girly books and this is now at the top of my list. It's fabulous!
The things I love the most about it are:
1. I told her I was giving it to my little girl so on the inside she wrote: "Nora Claire, Dare to Dream." How sweet. Nora thought that was pretty cool.
2. It's a girly looking book with SUPER FABULOUS AMAZING illustrations but it teaches little girls that there is more to life than becoming a princess. Did I just say that? I still want to become a princess.... But seriously it will stand out on Nora's shelf of fancy pink princessy books.
3. There is a little history lesson in the back about famous women from history. Very cool.

The second little package was crazy wonderful too! It was from Natalie. Natalie creates awesome jewelry and we decided recently to do a little swap. I sent a few things her way and look what I got:

This super cute pendant and earrings! I can't wait to wear them! Obviously judging the quality of this photo you can tell I didn't take it....I swiped it from Natalie's Etsy Store.
Tiger's Eye dangly bead earrings...So fun!!
Look at these fancy earrings!!! My new favorite color!
AND Natalie was so sweet to put a little gift in for Nora. She put this little Wish pendant on immediately. Thanks Natalie!!! It felt like Christmas at my mailbox today! So many pretties!!!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

So You Think You Can Dance

I'm a fan. A big fan. I can't wait for IT to come on each week and I'm not embarrassed to admit that sometimes I rewind just to watch my favorite dances again. I'm sad tonight though because one of my favorites got voted off. He wasn't the best dancer, but he seemed so nice. Poor Gev...

Maybe Charlie's not getting enough sleep at night. I found him like this yesterday. Again, it was way before nap time. I loved that he had his feet propped up. Perhaps he's not feeling rested after a night of tossing and turning between The Baker and I in our little queen sized bed. Maybe he just can't get quality sleep with his foot shoved in my face or his head resting on my leg. Maybe he's worried that his mommy is going to fall off the bed due to the fact that it's so crowded and therefore he's not sleeping as soundly as he should. Who knows, but I have a feeling that the chances for upgrading to a king are better than the chances of getting him out of our bed anytime soon. We start out the night with such good intentions. He can be tucked snugly in his bed and as soon as my head hits the pillow in the wee hours, there he is. By this time I'm just too tired to go through the crying thing and honestly, he's just too darn sweet. That little voice of his saying " I seep in Mommy's bed?" just gets me.
I've done something to my camera. I accidentally changed the settings and now my pictures are coming out grainy. Another reason why I need a photography class. When I get my big girl camera I will definitely take one. Until then....some grainy pics for you to see.
Dot Dot Darcy Initial Bag Tag & Pink Paisley with Brown Bag Tag
Thanks to our friend Jean, I just did Bag Tags for the Longaberger Bee! Lots of them!!!
Princess Plate and Bookmark
Hepburn Pink Bookmark, Pencil Cup & Coaster
Rugby Blue/Brown Bag Tag & Rugby Initial Blue/Red Bag Tag
Sports Cards - Blue & Orange Stripe
Camo Calling Cards
I've decided my new favorite backdrop for photos is The Dollhouse. Seriously, don't these cups just look cuter in a pink dollhouse?
Pink/Orange Groovy Girl and Purple Flower Power (loving this one!) traw Cups
Blue & Green Stripe Initial and American Camo Straw cups
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