Thursday, July 24, 2008

A BIG HUGE EXCITING event at the Jameison house

This picture was taken tonight right before I walked out the door to take Nora to ballet and then to head to a Bs Purse party (cute bags, by the way.) It was random to take a picture but I'm glad we did because when I got back Graham looked like this:
HE LOST HIS FIRST TOOTH! He's had two teeth pulled at the dentist but he was pretty much the only almost 2nd grader around that still had his top two baby teeth. He is so excited! I don't know why but I totally cried when I saw him. He's just getting so big! How much is the tooth fairy supposed to leave???

***Don't forget the GIVEAWAY! For details, click here!


  1. That's my sweet grandson!! I am so proud but a little sad too. They grow up too fast!

  2. Hi Karen! Love your blog...all of your kids are adorable! They are all growing so bittersweet.

  3. How fun!! All I know is that babysitting fees have gone WAY up since I was a babysitter, so I imagine Tooth Fairy fees have too! :) Our babies grow up too fast! Have a great vacation. I will miss my Paperdoll updates, but know that you are WAY overdue for a well deserved vacation!!


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