Thursday, July 17, 2008

So You Think You Can Dance

I'm a fan. A big fan. I can't wait for IT to come on each week and I'm not embarrassed to admit that sometimes I rewind just to watch my favorite dances again. I'm sad tonight though because one of my favorites got voted off. He wasn't the best dancer, but he seemed so nice. Poor Gev...

Maybe Charlie's not getting enough sleep at night. I found him like this yesterday. Again, it was way before nap time. I loved that he had his feet propped up. Perhaps he's not feeling rested after a night of tossing and turning between The Baker and I in our little queen sized bed. Maybe he just can't get quality sleep with his foot shoved in my face or his head resting on my leg. Maybe he's worried that his mommy is going to fall off the bed due to the fact that it's so crowded and therefore he's not sleeping as soundly as he should. Who knows, but I have a feeling that the chances for upgrading to a king are better than the chances of getting him out of our bed anytime soon. We start out the night with such good intentions. He can be tucked snugly in his bed and as soon as my head hits the pillow in the wee hours, there he is. By this time I'm just too tired to go through the crying thing and honestly, he's just too darn sweet. That little voice of his saying " I seep in Mommy's bed?" just gets me.
I've done something to my camera. I accidentally changed the settings and now my pictures are coming out grainy. Another reason why I need a photography class. When I get my big girl camera I will definitely take one. Until then....some grainy pics for you to see.
Dot Dot Darcy Initial Bag Tag & Pink Paisley with Brown Bag Tag
Thanks to our friend Jean, I just did Bag Tags for the Longaberger Bee! Lots of them!!!
Princess Plate and Bookmark
Hepburn Pink Bookmark, Pencil Cup & Coaster
Rugby Blue/Brown Bag Tag & Rugby Initial Blue/Red Bag Tag
Sports Cards - Blue & Orange Stripe
Camo Calling Cards
I've decided my new favorite backdrop for photos is The Dollhouse. Seriously, don't these cups just look cuter in a pink dollhouse?
Pink/Orange Groovy Girl and Purple Flower Power (loving this one!) traw Cups
Blue & Green Stripe Initial and American Camo Straw cups

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