Monday, November 30, 2009

Christmas Gift Tags

For the past few years I have gravitated towards a black and white wrapping paper theme for Christmas. I just love it! We'll be using these cards this year and I think they will be just perfect for our gifts. I might make a few photo gift tags too. Do you have your gift tags yet???
I can make them to coordinate with any of the Christmas card designs or just email and tell me what colors you'd like and I'll send you what I've got to match. $12 for a set of 24

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Note Card SALE!

Remember when I promised that there would be a note card sale sometime in November? Well, I'm barely squeezing it in! Note Cards are on sale TODAY on the website. Go check it out!

***this offer does not apply to custom orders or previous orders. If you have seen a design on the blog or somewhere else on the website but don't see the design listed in the note card section please email and I can either list it for you or take your order via email.

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Monday, November 23, 2009

Back to Business

I'm still not caught up but the website is back! Don't forget that I usually shut things down for a few weeks before Christmas so I can finish up orders and spend time with the family. Don't wait too long to place your orders!!!!

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Friday, November 20, 2009

This kid is a rockstar...

Graham did awesome today! Thank you so much for all your prayers and well wishes! I'm so glad that this week is coming to an end. It's been a long one. Did I mention that The Baker was out of town when this happened? He left Sunday and Graham broke his wrist Tuesday night. Once I called him and told him it was broken and that Graham was really upset about not getting to play basketball, he got in the car and drove home. He is SUPER DAD! He got here at 3:30 am and we were all sitting in the living room like it was the middle of the afternoon. I am so glad he came home because I had no idea we would be spending the next few days at doctor's visits and the hospital! It really is amazing how fast kids bounce back from these things. Surgery this morning and by mid afternoon he was already figuring out how to build Lego sets with one hand. To top off this crazy day, Nora had a dance recital tonight. Graham stayed home with the grandparents and The Baker and I went to watch our little dancer. She had so much fun and was so cute and I didn't get a single picture because it was outside and it was dark and I think I need some sort of super complicated fancy lens for my camera.
I'm going to take a day or two to catch up and then I will put the website back up. Thanks for being so patient! If you have an order that got delayed by my crazy week and you need it right away PLEASE email and I will get it to you!

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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Temporarily Closed

My poor little Graham broke his wrist last night at the first basketball practice. He was so super tough and barely shed a tear UNTIL the urgent care doctor announced that his basketball season was over. The poor guy. He's really been looking forward to playing b-ball with his friends. We visited the orthopedic surgeon today and found out it was a pretty bad break and he will be having surgery on Friday morning to reset it and put a pin in. Please say prayers for him. He's very nervous about it. Mommy is too.
I've decided to close down the website for a few days. At this point I already have enough orders to keep me busy for a week or two and I really need to concentrate on Graham. If you have already placed an order do not worry....I will get it done! I'll reopen the website as soon as I catch up and my little man is feeling better. Thanks for understanding!

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Melamine orders

Now that Christmas season is officially here please make sure you allow extra time when placing your plate, bowl, platter and tray orders. I am noticing that my last few orders have taken a bit longer than usual to arrive. Please expect to wait 2 weeks or so for your order to come in.

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Sunday, November 15, 2009

My kids are stinkin' cute and every once in a while I can take a decent picture.

I have incredibly beautiful children. Yes, I do. My parents have a really pretty backyard. The Baker gave me a great camera last year that I still don't know how to use. I decided to put those three things together this weekend and here is what happened...
The pic above is my favorite...he's so sweet!
So sassy!
Charlie and his favorite doggy Julien.
I told you they were cute.

Friday, November 13, 2009

More Pics...

Hot Item right now...Clipboards! Little Bo Peep Mini Clippie
Hepburn with Red Platter
Hepburn with Tan Platter
Market Totes make GREAT GIFTS!! Fill with personalized goodies for the perfect group gift!
I just put this one together for Nora's cheer squad to give to the cheer sponsor. Another mom monogrammed it and it turned out so pink and black and white and FABULOUS!!!
Red Harlequin Chandelier Platter
Christmas Tree Platter
Orange Football Bowl and matching sippy cup
This is a new style of sippy cup that I may be switching to soon. They are leak proof and come in pink, green, blue & white. The Playtex Sippy cups are becoming harder and harder to get my hands on!
Pink and Black and White Domino
Rugby Orange and Blue lunchbox
Yes, this little man will rip that bow off immediately but it sure looks cute for pictures!
black Damask red Clippie
Give Thanks Platter

© 2009 paperdoll designs

Picture Post

LOVE LOVE LOVE this White Picket Fence & lime
Domino Black & White with Hot Pink Clippie...I used white instead of an ivory background
Dot Dot Darcy Red & Green M&M Tubes
Dot Dot Darcy Black & Royal Blue Clipboard
Dot Dot Darcy Black and Yellow Clipboard
Black Damask with Rectangle Red Platter
Black Damask Hot Pink Clipboard...the pinks match the picture just kept turning out weird???
Christmas fun!!
Black & White Dot with Royal & Yellow Stickers...great for bookplates for the teacher~!
Black Damask with Oval Red Note Cards
Black & White Dot with Yellow Tumbler
Black & White Mini Dot with Purple Tumbler
Dot Tumbler Royal Blue & Black
Black Damask Red Tumbler
Black Damask Tiff Blue Tumbler

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Monday, November 9, 2009

Desperate Homeschooler

I'm sure there are home schooling families out there that are deeply offended by the Desperate Housewives story line about homeschooling. I am thinking it's pretty funny. If I had a house keeper, there are days when I would happily scrub floors so she could do the teaching. I haven't had a wrestling match with Graham or tortured any of Nora's dolls (yet) but I totally get what Gabby said last night. I too always looked forward to teaching my kids to do certain ride bikes and bake cookies and put on make-up. I never dreamt of or looked forward to the day when I would be teaching them phonics and science and multiplication. We are surviving though and I think we are handling it much better than the family that lives on Wisteria Lane.
And yes, I watch Desperate Housewives. I know it's a filthy little show...oh well.

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Friday, November 6, 2009

Picture Post

Personalized Pencils all tied up with a bow!
White Picket Fence Note Cards...Gray & Tiffany Blue
Hippie Chic Brown & Blue Pencil Cup
Robot Note Pads
Flower Power Note Pads
Around the Clock Shower Lip Balms
Blue & Green Initial Stripe Bag Tag with Bow
Robot Pencil Cup
Groovy Girl Pink, Orange & Brown Plate with Monkey
Thanksgiving Note Pads & matching pen for my festive friend Amonica who celebrates every holiday with a personalized pen!!! LOVE HER!
I love the way this card turned out! Isn't that baby so cute???
Custom Calling Cards...I want to call this Party Barn but I think that was the name of a keg store in Norman so that doesn't seem right.

© 2009 paperdoll designs

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