Monday, November 9, 2009

Desperate Homeschooler

I'm sure there are home schooling families out there that are deeply offended by the Desperate Housewives story line about homeschooling. I am thinking it's pretty funny. If I had a house keeper, there are days when I would happily scrub floors so she could do the teaching. I haven't had a wrestling match with Graham or tortured any of Nora's dolls (yet) but I totally get what Gabby said last night. I too always looked forward to teaching my kids to do certain ride bikes and bake cookies and put on make-up. I never dreamt of or looked forward to the day when I would be teaching them phonics and science and multiplication. We are surviving though and I think we are handling it much better than the family that lives on Wisteria Lane.
And yes, I watch Desperate Housewives. I know it's a filthy little show...oh well.

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  1. ha ha. I didn't see that episode of Desperate Housewives, but I have seen enough to be able to totally picture the chaos. How funny! I think the show is pretty tongue in cheek anyway, so agreed, no offense to be taken (though I am not a homeschooler, I have several dear friends who are). Just sit back and enjoy a little homeschoolin' mom getaway. blessings!

  2. I do too!! Sometimes you just need a little escape out of reality - I loved the homeschool bit!!! Thought it was a hoot!!!! A little filth isn't so bad ... lol!

  3. Desperate Housewives isn't my only guilty pleasure show! We moms deserve a few! :)

  4. ha ha....what? you don't watch joyce meyer and joel osteen nonstop all day long every single day forever and ever and ever?


    oh...wait a minute...i think you're gonna be allright....i'm pretty sure God still loves you...i do!!! : )


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