Sunday, July 31, 2011

Sunday Picture Post

cupcake fill in thank yous 
cupcake favor tags 
cupcake invitations 
groovy boy bag tag with bow 
spring butterfly bag tags with bows 
SAMUEL birth announcements 
yellow dot custom cutting board 
black damask cutting board 
big dotty red damask cutting board  
JANA pink portfolio 
owl mommy note pads
© 2011 paperdoll designs

Friday, July 29, 2011

Friday Picture Post

pixie dust soap/lotion dispenser 
 mickey stripe bag tag
 sports jersey placemat
 big dotty gingham stripe bag tag
 powder puff ribbon turquoise and pink
hippie chic red mini bag tag 
 white picket fence pink mini spiral
owl chalk 
grey striped bag tag
black damask pink large note pads
© 2011 paperdoll designs

Thursday, July 28, 2011

PaperDoll Picture Post

 floral dot bag tag with bow
 dot dot darcy pink and green note cards
dot dot darcy pink and green bag tag with bow 
vintage girl chore chart 
modern navy and yellow flat note cards 
zebra dot orange with pink stripe binder 
big dotty damask light blue and pink with gingham stripe 
zebra dot lime green with turquoise stripe 
pixie dust binder 
domino hot pink stripe binder
© 2011 paperdoll designs

Saturday, July 23, 2011


It's been FOREVER since we've played NAME THAT NOTE CARD!! 
Here's the newest note card at at PaperDoll Designs...
It makes a fabulous note card but I can't wait to see this design on a binder, plate, soap dispenser, etc!!!

Here's how we play:
1.  leave a comment telling me what you think I should name this design
2.  if there are several that I like there will be a vote
3.  the person who suggested the winning name gets a free set of note cards in this design


© 2011 paperdoll designs

Friday, July 22, 2011

picture post

 butterfly cupcake toppers
 powder puff pink and brown bag tag
 variety pack glue sticks...great for back to school!!!
 sock monkey cupcake toppers
 sock monkey plate
 sock monkey invitation
 sock monkey favor tag
 sock monkey fill in thank you
flower power pink lunchbox

purple circus lunchbox
© 2011 paperdoll designs

Monday, July 18, 2011

Picture Post

Green Gingham Purple Tea Party Invitation
 Green Gingham Purple Tea Pot Note Card 
 PaperDoll Onesie
 Personalized "Camp" T
 Black Damask Red Platter
 Brown Modern Red Small Cutting Board
 Race Car Plate and Bowl
 Black Damask Blue Platter
 Big Dotty Gingham Damask Platter
Big Dotty Gingham Damask Tray
© 2011 paperdoll designs
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