Monday, June 30, 2008

Something NEW is coming...

I've got something NEW to add to the product line but I think it will have to wait until tomorrow. I'm still ironing out the last few details! I can tell you that I absolutely HEART it and I wanted to hug the UPS guy today when mine arrived!
I'm also super excited because PAPERDOLL LUNCHBOXES should be available for purchase next week! I'm loving these too and I have been rushing to get them ready before school starts.
Jameison update:
Poor Baby Charlie is sick sad. He is so sweet when he's sick...but still sad.
Nora has decided she needs an IPod...she's 5...she's not getting one.
Graham looks like a little blonde cute. I need to take a picture for sure. more black...just primer...but still not Swiss Coffee.

And now, here are some PaperDoll Pics:

NEW! Bubbles & Stripes with Ribbon/Photo Hang Tag $1.85

Patriotic Mini Nail Polish - $2.50 each

Big Dotty Pink & White Note Cards

Hippie Chic Pink & Green Flat Note Cards

PaperDoll Paisley Green Note Cards

Dot Dot Darcy Pink & Brown Note Cards

Green Harlequin Note Cards

Hippie Chic Pink & Orange Note Cards

Thursday, June 26, 2008

PaperDoll Picture Overload!

I'm a little behind on posting pictures so I thought I would just post them all at once and be done with it. So here are a ton of pictures for your viewing pleasure.

Sports Invitation - the little sports emblem is actually attached to the card with a pop up to give it a little extra cute fun!

NEW! Bubbles & Stripes with Circle Hang Tag - $1.85 assembled; I'm working on one in a different color scheme that I will be posting soon. These turn out super cute!

Olympic Bubbles Invitation
Groovy Bright Invitation
Patchwork Blue, Pink & Brown Invitation
Blue & Green Stipe with Initial Sports Bottle
M&M Tubes!!! These make great party favors but until I find a way to buy them in bulk I can only offer the labels that fit them and you will have to wrap them yourself.
My camera had a Charlie fingerprint on it and I didn't realize it until after taking these pics but this is a Rugby Bag Tag front view...
Rugby Bag Tag back view

Baseball Sports Bottles
Turquoise/Pink Big Dotty, Pink Lemonade, Pink/Orange Groovy Girl and Light Turquoise/Pink Big Dotty Sports Bottles
Pink Dots on the Side Invitation
Hepburn Green, GumDrops with Cross & Dot Dot Darcy Black/Red Tumblers
Blue Striped Shirt with Wagon & Frog Bag Tags

Dot Dot Darcy Pink & Green with Initial Sippy, Placemat & Plate
I'm heading off for a Girls Night Out tonight! I can't wait! This mommy needs a break!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Just a quick note...

If you have emailed with an order or question and you have not heard back from me PLEASE check your junk mail file. I try to answer every email within 24 hours (48 at the most.) I may be responding to your emails but going directly to your trash...and we just can't have that!

Monday, June 23, 2008

A Stinky Situation...

Nathan and I sat down to enjoy a late dinner together tonight when he got home from his first day on the new job! The kids were all camped out in front of the tv and all was quiet until suddenly Charlie appeared at the dining room table with a little surprise for us. He has recently discovered that he can take off his own diaper and let's just say he was covered from head to toe in something stinky and the situation called for an emergency bath! GROSS! This must be a boy thing because sweet little Nora Claire NEVER did anything like this but Charlie is following in his brother's footsteps. I remember the day Graham did this same thing. EEEEWWW!

So far, so good with Nathan's new job. His boss sent flowers to the house (addressed to ME) welcoming us to the company! Nice touch, huh? We are just so excited to be starting down a new path. Thanks again for all your nice comments and emails. We're so thankful for all of our awesome friends (e-friends too!)

It must be Party Season because I have been BUSY doing invitations! I'm being lazy about cropping out all the addresses and RSVP phone numbers so I don't have pics to show you yet but I've got lots of new invitation designs. Here are a few pics of other PaperDoll items...

Groovy Girl Pencil Cup $10

Green Blossom Note Cards $10/set

Flower Power Orange Sippy, Owl Sippy, GumDrops Pink Sippy $12

Ballet Slippers Bag Tag (this is actually the Butterfly design with the ballet slippers artwork instead) $6

Yellow Stripe Lip Balm

Thursday, June 19, 2008

I'm still here...

A week is too long to stay away!
First let me say THANK YOU for all the sweet comments and emails that came our way after my last post oh so long ago. Everyone has been so nice and I really do appreciate all your prayers and well wishes. Thank you thank you thank you!
Time has flown by and as usual we have been crazy busy here. Graham finished swim lessons last week and is now swimming like a fish. Nora and Charlie are finishing their two week session this week and although they are not little fish yet I'm very proud of their progress. We're in one of those serious-drop-the-screaming-kid-off-the-board type of classes this year and it was definitely what my kids needed. I was a little leery at first but I am so glad we did it. Definitely worth a few tears!
Graham did a basketball camp this week and LOVED it! Graham and Nora are moving on to tennis next week and they are both so excited. Nora has never played and I think she is more excited about the pink tennis racket and the fact that her friends will be there but I'm sure they are both going to have a great time. Don't think I am one of those moms that signs her kids up for EVERYTHING because really I'm not. This is the first summer that we have done more than one activity. Last summer I about went crazy with all the strep and the rain and decided this summer we were branching out and signing up for new things. So far, it's been a much better summer. Busy, but better!
I've got some PaperDoll pics to show you. I would have more but I accidentally deleted a folder full of pictures and I emptied my trashcan before I realized what I had done!!! Oh the horror!!!
Blossom in Green Plate and Placemat...SO PRETTY!!! LOVE THESE!

Dot Dot Darcy Pink and Blue Sippy

Dot Dot Darcy Pink and Green Sippy

Maxwell Candy Rolls....i heart these
Dot Dot Darcy Pink & Green Plate

Dot Dot Darcy Black and Red Tumbler
Guitar Fill Ins
OU Hepburn Coaster and OU Dot Dot Darcy Pencil Cup
Guitar Plate and Placemat
Now, please overt your eyes if you can't bear to see another Jameison Bundt cake....
I've moved up...double decker Bundt cakes Baby!! A little crooked but still cute?
Kitchen Update: half black, half Swiss Coffee. Sloooowwwwwly making progress.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

The Unfortunate Event

Maybe you remember this post when I mentioned that an unfortunate event had occurred. I didn't go into detail because really this blog is supposed to be about pretty paper with an occasional post about my fabby little darlings and other cute things. I wasn't sure that The Baker would really want me to blog about what happened but I am ready to tell. It's a story with an almost happy ending.

The Baker has worked for the same company since he graduated from college almost 11 years ago. He's a super hard worker and he really puts his heart into his job. It just so happens that the company he worked for belonged to my dad and my brother worked there too. It was a paper company which maybe influenced my love for pretty paper. They also sold things like toilet paper which had no influence on me whatsoever. Anyway, for many reasons the company closed the week before Nora's birthday. Sad because many people lost their jobs and heartbreaking because my dad worked so hard building that company for so many years. Any of you that have been through this sort of thing can understand that it's pretty scary and stressful.

Now I'm going to preach a little bit. God has been so good. You hear people say all the time that God will provide and we have learned first hand that it is true. About 4 months before this occured my little PaperDoll business mysteriously started booming. Booming might be a strong word but it did grow quite a bit. Throughout this past month we have been overwhelmed with the support and encouragement of our friends and family. We have felt the prayers and been amazed by the kind acts of our friends. People have brought dinner so we didn't stress about groceries, sent little gifts to cheer us up, dropped cards in the mail, sent emails and called just to say they were thinking about us. We have had friends literally stop what they were doing to pray at a time that they knew Nathan was in an interview. So many of our friends have gone above and beyond to let us know that they care about our family. There are too many kind acts to mention but we are so grateful for them all. God provided for us and it is amazing to see how good He can be.

Now for the Almost Happy Ending...The Baker got a job offer yesterday and he will start his new job in two weeks. We are so relieved and so blessed. My brother started a new job this week and from what I hear most of the people that worked at the company have found new jobs too. We are praying for my parents and we know that God will take care of them. My heart breaks for my dad. This company has been a major part of his life. My heart breaks for my mom because it must be hard for her to see him go through this.

So there you have it. I have felt like I was keeping a secret since I hadn't blogged about this but you understand, don't you?

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Few and Far Between...

I'm afraid that's what my posts may be this summer! Few and far between!
I was thinking that the summer would be calm and lazy but I was way wrong. So far we've been going non-stop. Between camps and parties and swim lessons and playdates and the pool we have barely found a minute to "do nothin." Usually summer months mean that the PaperDoll business really slows down but luckily many of you are finding a way to keep me up late at night. I'm not complaining...I really am so blessed. Blessed and BUSY!

Sports Ticket Invitation

Mini Candy Bars with Photo

Hepburn Red pencil cup

Hepburn Red Pen

Monkey Boy Invitations

Thursday, June 5, 2008

The Baker made us all a little treat last night. I might hide them from the kids so I can finish them off. YUMMY chocolate peanut butter cookies. He got the recipe here. I love this website because these days I'm all about quick and easy meals.

It's been a crazy busy week and I'm looking forward to our crazy busy weekend. I'm a little behind on orders but here are a few that I have managed to work out...

Hippie Chic Bright Blue & Green Large Note Pad

Macy Blue Bag Tag

Dot Dot Darcy Pink Chocolate Bag Tag (ribbon not included)

OU Rugby Pencil Cup

Small Note Pads - Butterfly, Orange Flower, Pink Hairdryer
Big Dotty Green Note Cards

Football Fill In Camp Cards
Don't forget to order Calling Cards for your kids to take to camp!

Cars Bag Tag

PaperDoll Paisley Black Small Note Cards

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