Monday, June 30, 2008

Something NEW is coming...

I've got something NEW to add to the product line but I think it will have to wait until tomorrow. I'm still ironing out the last few details! I can tell you that I absolutely HEART it and I wanted to hug the UPS guy today when mine arrived!
I'm also super excited because PAPERDOLL LUNCHBOXES should be available for purchase next week! I'm loving these too and I have been rushing to get them ready before school starts.
Jameison update:
Poor Baby Charlie is sick sad. He is so sweet when he's sick...but still sad.
Nora has decided she needs an IPod...she's 5...she's not getting one.
Graham looks like a little blonde cute. I need to take a picture for sure. more black...just primer...but still not Swiss Coffee.

And now, here are some PaperDoll Pics:

NEW! Bubbles & Stripes with Ribbon/Photo Hang Tag $1.85

Patriotic Mini Nail Polish - $2.50 each

Big Dotty Pink & White Note Cards

Hippie Chic Pink & Green Flat Note Cards

PaperDoll Paisley Green Note Cards

Dot Dot Darcy Pink & Brown Note Cards

Green Harlequin Note Cards

Hippie Chic Pink & Orange Note Cards


  1. Put me on the lunchbox list because I KNOW they will sell out fast! :) I can't wait to see the something NEW! You are just making my day!!!

  2. I want a lunchbox for Noah too! Put me down!

    As for the I-Pod, go for a Disney Mix Stix from fun, easy, cheap and age-appropriate. Both my kids have one and love it! Great in the car!

    Praying for Charlie to feel better soon! Noah is poopy today too... your're right though, sooo sweet when their sick.

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