Monday, June 23, 2008

A Stinky Situation...

Nathan and I sat down to enjoy a late dinner together tonight when he got home from his first day on the new job! The kids were all camped out in front of the tv and all was quiet until suddenly Charlie appeared at the dining room table with a little surprise for us. He has recently discovered that he can take off his own diaper and let's just say he was covered from head to toe in something stinky and the situation called for an emergency bath! GROSS! This must be a boy thing because sweet little Nora Claire NEVER did anything like this but Charlie is following in his brother's footsteps. I remember the day Graham did this same thing. EEEEWWW!

So far, so good with Nathan's new job. His boss sent flowers to the house (addressed to ME) welcoming us to the company! Nice touch, huh? We are just so excited to be starting down a new path. Thanks again for all your nice comments and emails. We're so thankful for all of our awesome friends (e-friends too!)

It must be Party Season because I have been BUSY doing invitations! I'm being lazy about cropping out all the addresses and RSVP phone numbers so I don't have pics to show you yet but I've got lots of new invitation designs. Here are a few pics of other PaperDoll items...

Groovy Girl Pencil Cup $10

Green Blossom Note Cards $10/set

Flower Power Orange Sippy, Owl Sippy, GumDrops Pink Sippy $12

Ballet Slippers Bag Tag (this is actually the Butterfly design with the ballet slippers artwork instead) $6

Yellow Stripe Lip Balm

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