Monday, June 2, 2008

The Case of the Missing Chocolate Cake Recipe

The Baker* and I started painting our kitchen cabinets today. This is not fun. When we bought This Old House I just wasn't sure about the kitchen cabinets. They are black. They are very cool vintage cabinets...very well made and I love the actual cabinets and the hardware BUT the previous owners painted them black. I have nothing against black cabinets and when we looked at the house and even for a while after we moved in I thought I kind of liked them that way. I thought I could live with it. It's kind of cool. But it's also kind of dark and cave like in the kitchen. I can't live with that. I like all-the-curtains-open-every-light-in-the-house-on-bright-and-happy kind of livin'. I can't live with black cabinets anymore. Lucky for me, The Baker agrees and is willing (kind of) to paint the cabinets. In every house we have ever lived in (which is way too many) I have either painted the cabinets white or built the house that way. Poor Nathan. He said today that this will be the last time he does this. Fair enough...
But the point is, the kitchen is a disaster and the recipe is buried somewhere. For those of you who are dying for a yummy chocolate cake, you will just have to wait. It will be worth it.

*To clear up the matter, The Baker isn't really a baker by profession. I just affectionately call him that because he loves to bake and he does so at least twice a week. The three little darlings and I are so blessed. I love to decorate the things he bakes but mysteriously almost everything I attempt doesn't turn out quite right. My sweet tooth would be so sad without him. LOVE THE BAKER!

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  1. OMG I LOVE my little paper weight. Thank you SO MUCH! I posted about it on my bloggie! It was ca-yute!


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