Friday, January 28, 2011

Jars of Hope

I decided the Countdown Jars needed a new name.
A few of the amazing women that I was sending them to did not have a specific number of treatments planned so rather than a countdown jar, I just stuffed as many Bible verse candies as I could into the jar and sent them on their way...
A Little Jar of Hope.
The 4th jar will go out this week. I've had two donations that will help me send more than I had originally planned each month. Thank you!!!
Please let me know if you would like me to send A Little Jar of Hope to someone you love.
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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Pretty Pics

It's busy here! Would someone please come over and clean my office?
GumDrops in sweet!
LOVE this!! White Picket Fence Platter in Pink & Black
Rainbow Hearts Bubble Gum Bags
Maude Chore Chart
Big Dotty Black & Tiffany Blue Portfolio
Pink Chandelier Invite
Pink Chandelier Plate
Pink Chandelier Cupcake Toppers
Pink Chandelier Nail Polish
Chandelier on Gray Lip Balm

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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Placemat SALE!!!

Little Red Car

Princess for the Day
Rugby Dot
Pink Chandy

I'm using my SNOW DAY to do a little cleaning! I was going through the placemat drawer in the kitchen and decided it was time for new placemats. Graham's not really into race cars and Nora is in her anti-pink phase so it's time for something new. If we are getting new placemats, maybe YOU should too!! Today is a great day for it because they are ON SALE!!!

A few design choices have not been listed on the website so please email if you don't see the one you want.
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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Random thoughts and pictures

*I've gotten two free Living Social deals this week!!! So happy!
*I prefer website orders versus email orders. There, I said it. Not everything is listed so sometimes you have to do email orders in which case I'm totally fine with it.
*My mom surprised me with these shoes for Christmas and I NEVER want to take them off.
*I think I might be able to live on Diet Dr. Pepper and sour gummy worms.
*I discovered this song this week and I love it. She has lots of other great songs too.
*I volunteered in Nora's art class today and got to play with clay. It was fun and I had a strong urge to ask Nora to scoot over so I could make hers for her.
*Please don't ask me to pick. I become quite insane trying to decide whether your mother-in-law would prefer pink or blue. I hate telling people "no" so if you really want me to pick...fine.
*I'm trying to tell as many people as I can that I am reading the Bible this year so I will really do it. Ask me in a few months how it's going. Nathan did it last year. He took it very seriously and finished. Impressive.
*We started up on our chore charts again this week because sometimes we slack. All three kids went to bed with clean rooms. Awesome.

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Friday, January 14, 2011

Countdown Jars

Last year when a friend was diagnosed with cancer I wanted to do SOMETHING. Her chemo treatment was scheduled to last ONE YEAR! 52 weeks!! I decided she would need something to help her count down the time and settled on making her a Chemo Countdown Jar. I think it made her happy and now I'm sure it is wonderful to see just a few candy bars left. She'll be emptying her jar very soon!
Recently someone asked me to make a Chemo Countdown Jar for a friend of hers that had also been diagnosed with cancer and was getting ready to start Chemo. When I went to make the invoice, I just couldn't do it. I knew right then that this could be a little ministry for my family and me. Making these jars for moms out there that are facing chemo is the least we can do.

I would love to make them for everyone and anyone but for now I will start by taking two nominations per month for a mom that is getting ready to start or currently going through chemo. Please email me if you would like to submit someone's name. My family and I will make their countdown jar and pray for them as they go through treatment. If I see that I am getting more requests than I can handle, I will start recruiting my friends to help. :)

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More Pics...

Pink Dot Valentine's Day Candy Bars
Pink Bubbles Valentine's Day Candy Bars
Little Debbie & Rocket Valentine's Day Candy Bars
Powder Puff with Ribbon Bag & lime
Hippie Chick Pink & Red Sippy Cup
matching snack cup
Zebra Hot Pink Snack Cup
Spring Gum Drops Snack Cup
Polka Dot Snack Cups

© 2010 paperdoll designs

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

PaperDoll Pics

Black & Gold Modern Menu Cards
Black & Gold 50th Cupcake Toppers
Black & Gold Banner
Gingham Yellow Note Cards
Red Football Note Cards
Blue Gingham Basketball Note Cards
BOXES of wedding fun!!! Yellow Gingham, Yellow Dot, Yellow Damask
Cowgirl Chic Note Cards
Zebra Dot Fill Ins
Ballet Slipper M&M Tubes

© 2010 paperdoll designs

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