Friday, January 28, 2011

Jars of Hope

I decided the Countdown Jars needed a new name.
A few of the amazing women that I was sending them to did not have a specific number of treatments planned so rather than a countdown jar, I just stuffed as many Bible verse candies as I could into the jar and sent them on their way...
A Little Jar of Hope.
The 4th jar will go out this week. I've had two donations that will help me send more than I had originally planned each month. Thank you!!!
Please let me know if you would like me to send A Little Jar of Hope to someone you love.
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  1. Karen...I have a parent at my school dealing with brain cancer now. She has two young being our student in second grade. Your little jar of hope would be absolutely amazing if she were the recipient. Such a great gift you are giving to so many. Tara Burnett

  2. This would make the day of one of my closest friends in Chicago. We cannot be there for her but knowing that something like this can be sent makes us feel so much are a blessing..Emma

  3. Emma, I'd love to send a jar to your friend. Please email me!! My email is on the blog. Thanks!


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