Monday, January 10, 2011

Random thoughts...

It's been busy around here. Unusually busy for January. October through December was crazy. Although I feel incredibly blessed and I'm so happy about all the orders, it's making me rethink a lot of PaperDoll things. Do I need help? Did I mean for this to be such a time commitment? Do I need to limit the number of products I sell? Do I need to bite the bullet and just go with this being a full-time thing rather than a part-time gig? I think over the next few weeks I may need to do some restructuring and rethinking. Maybe I will limit the number of custom orders I do each month. Maybe I will take a week or two off of orders and take the time to list EVERYTHING on the website and then only take web orders. Maybe I will stop doing so many sales and specials. Maybe I will do more sales and specials? Maybe I will put my kids to work in my studio so I can spend more time with them. Maybe someone who is really business savvy will email me and tell me exactly what to do. Maybe I will hire someone to clean my house. Maybe I will get a good night's sleep and feel differently about it all tomorrow.

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  1. i vote for someone to clean the house - hit the highlights like bath and kitchen and family room!! then mkae a corner of the room for the kiddos to be with you. that's what i did when maddie was little. especially if you love what you do. i miss it somedays, but love being in the library at school with my daughter and her friends.

    Mary Elizabeth @ Mary Martha & Co. :)


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