Friday, January 14, 2011

Countdown Jars

Last year when a friend was diagnosed with cancer I wanted to do SOMETHING. Her chemo treatment was scheduled to last ONE YEAR! 52 weeks!! I decided she would need something to help her count down the time and settled on making her a Chemo Countdown Jar. I think it made her happy and now I'm sure it is wonderful to see just a few candy bars left. She'll be emptying her jar very soon!
Recently someone asked me to make a Chemo Countdown Jar for a friend of hers that had also been diagnosed with cancer and was getting ready to start Chemo. When I went to make the invoice, I just couldn't do it. I knew right then that this could be a little ministry for my family and me. Making these jars for moms out there that are facing chemo is the least we can do.

I would love to make them for everyone and anyone but for now I will start by taking two nominations per month for a mom that is getting ready to start or currently going through chemo. Please email me if you would like to submit someone's name. My family and I will make their countdown jar and pray for them as they go through treatment. If I see that I am getting more requests than I can handle, I will start recruiting my friends to help. :)

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  1. My sweet baby girl. I bet the kids love it too.

  2. You're awesome. You make me happy. You're going to make lots of other people happy too. I love you for that!

  3. This brought tears to my eyes...

    My dearest, life-long friend Elizabeth's older sister Laura has stage 4 cancer. She has already gone through two rounds of chemo, and now she just started a colon cancer chemo treatment (that is quite brutal).
    Would LOVE to bless her with this most thoughtful gift.

  4. This is such a cool idea. LOVE!

    I just had another idea for a new product, too! Do "countdown to baby" and you could either do it with the little candy bars....OR you could do sucker covers and do it with the B12 suckers that are for morning sickness! You could even alter it and do a "countdown to 2nd trimester!!"

    LOVE your heart!

  5. What a creative and thoughtful idea! I think it is so wonderful that you're taking this on as a ministry, too.

  6. My friend Jenni's mother is starting chemo on Monday for 4-6 months to treat multiple myloma and will probably have a bone marrow transplant after that. I know that one of these jars would lift get spirits!


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