Monday, March 30, 2009

What will the Easter Bunny bring you???

Smencils and Bookmarks make great Easter Basket goodies!
Charlie's first REALLY BIG SNOW...Oklahoma weather is crazy!!!
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Easter Candy Bar Special!!!

March 30th - April 4th
Easter Candy Bar Special
$10 for each bag of 30 candy bars!!!!
click here for design choices
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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Good Peoples

When The Baker really likes someone he often jokingly says "They're Good Peoples." I've been stealing his phrase a lot lately to talk about my PaperDoll Friends. I'm constantly surprised by my sweet customers. I'm always getting thank you notes and sweet emails. Just last week I found two gift cards in my little pink container - thank you Amy & Jamie!! Not so long ago I found a stinkin' cute hair clippie for Nora - thank you Thuy! A few days ago, I opened up my garage door (how's a disaster in there) and caught Sweet Terra & Kylan leaving a "Potty Party" bag for Charlie!!! It was a bag full of little treats that he LOVED!! He carried it around all day and was so proud. How sweet is that??? Kylan and Charlie had never even met until then. He's a cutie...the two of them could get into some big trouble together I'm sure! So anyway, PaperDoll customers are "Good Peoples!" THANK YOU!!!

PaperDoll Gift Cards...available in any amount starting at $10

Pink Lemonade Placemat & Straw Cup

Hepburn Memo Holders: Blue, Green & Pink with Matching Pens

Candy Rolls

Easter Candy Bars

Princess M&M Tubes

Mini Candy Bars, Playdough & Bitty Tiny Favor Boxes

Mimi Black and Red Note Pad and Ladybug Bag Tag

GumDrop Red Stripe Placemat

She's not for sale but isn't she cute???

Maui Pink & Green Large Clippie
Mini Candy Bars - Green Harlequin Giraffe
Pink PaperDoll Paisley Note Cards
Olive, sportin' her new Schnauzer cut. I miss the furball...we're letting it grow back out.
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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Party Planning

I LOVE planning parties. Well, I loved planning parties when I had more time on my hands. I get all into the theme and can spend hours just researching and coming up with ideas for party favors and decorations. The Baker shakes his head and counts the dollars while I drift off into my happy planning. We do have an every other year birthday party rule but last year our May birthdays were a big bust. It was supposed to be a big party year but we had the unfortunate experience of losing a job right before Charlie's 2nd Birthday and Nora's 5th Birthday. We went low key...just our family for Charlie and Nora had 3 little girls over for an impromptu tea party. No fancy decorations, no fancy favors...basically no "fancy" at all. It turned out that Nora loved the small party and even though I told her she could do a "real" party this year, she wants to do exactly what she did last year with just a few more frills. She's all about American Girls so she wants to have a tea party with her friends and her dolls and of course, everything will need to be pink. If I have it my way, I will be going overboard on the decorations.

I keep seeing this Polyvore thing out there in the blog world and you know how I really need another time sucker. I started playing around with it and it's so much fun. I decided to put a little party plan inspiration board together because I have nothing else to do with my time. No laundry needs to be done, the house is perfectly clean, all orders are filled...right? Anyway, wouldn't a party like this be lovely??

nor'as party board

Charlie's Birthday is actually the week before Nora's and despite the fact that all the other parents will think I am crazy, I have my heart set on a Candy Land themed party. It will probably just end up family and a few close friends so I think everyone can deal. There's really nothing Charlie loves more than stuff that will rot his teeth out so it's perfect for him. And seriously fun party planning for me. Candy buffet anyone??

Charlie Candy Land

Gotta get started...May will be here before I know it.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Seriously Considering...

I'm seriously considering the following things...some of the them might shock you...
*cutting off my hair
*taking a sledgehammer to our master bathroom even though we can't afford to remodel right now
*taking a sledge hammer to our kitchen tile even though we can't afford to remodel right now
*hiding every can of Lysol in the house from The Baker and officially changing his blog name to Lysol King
*buying these shoes
or these shoes
AND these shoes
because something has come over me and I am all about orange and green right now. I'll need matching purses. I'm considering adding these because you know how I already love this color
*Home Schooling...yes, you read that right.
*Painting every last piece of furniture in my house ivory (starting with my black dining room table) because I love that clean look and it just makes me happy
*blowing off the idea of an honest to goodness grown up PaperDoll website because loading all the pictures and pricing and info on the darn thing is just making me crazy
*kicking my kids out of their "game room" which is really just a GINORMOUS closet that they never play in so I can use it for storage
*taking flu girl and "I don't want to pee in the potty" boy to get cute donuts in the morning followed by a gigantic Diet Dr. Pepper fountain drink

That last one is probably the only one that is sensible...don't you think?

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Flu is Here

Poor miserable Nora has the flu. I thought flu season was over. I won't be paying for flu mist again. Apparently it doesn't work. If you have an order here that I am working on don't be scared of the germs. The Baker AKA The Lysol King will be home soon and he'll be all over the place.

Potty Training update...had to abandon those cute boxer briefs when we headed out to the doctor's office. The phone has been ringing off the wall since I walked in the door so I haven't had a chance to get back on track. We'll start over tomorrow. I think the sticker idea is great...Charlie loves him some stickers. He did great today though.

Where does pee pee go???

After a quick refresher course from Kim on potty training, I decided to go cold turkey with Charlie this morning. Nora is home sick so I knew I wouldn't be going anywhere and I decided it was a good day to try it out. So far we've had two successful trips to the potty, one very large puddle on the floor and one super cute tushie in tiny boxer briefs. Wish me luck and send any tips my way. Girls are WAY easier to potty train then boys and it's been a long time since I had to potty train G.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Lots of Pics...

We had a great Spring Break! It was so nice to not have to work as much and now I'm having a really hard time getting back to business. I'm still in that Spring Cleaning mode. Today I tackled the linen desperately needed it. I won the battle with the Barbies and plastic jewelry that had taken over Nora's room and I'm so glad to have that one checked off the list. I'll have to take pictures of her room and closet because I'm pretty sure it won't last. Charlie's room and closet are next. It's pretty bad in there. I tend to dump all the things the older two are done with in his room and he drags it all out and makes a huge mess. Some days we seriously just have to make a path to his bed. The Vacuum (the thing that started this mad cleaning/organizing thing) is my new best friend and it has almost met every last corner of the house.
Bubble Gum Bags - Sporty Stripe with Bowling Pin
Domino Blue Small Clippie
Sports Bottles for the "SPARKLES" soccer team...Zebra Hot Pink
Hepburn Red Pen
Small Guitar Mom Note Pads
Rugby Orange & Blue Bookmarks
Black Damask Hot Pink & Tiffany Blue Tumblers
These family calendars have been selling like CRAZY! I LOVE's helped keep me sane lately. Shown above...Brown Damask and Green Family Calendars
Blossom Pink Flat Note Cards and Mini Bag Tag
Dot Dot Darcy Pink & Green Note Cards
Groovy Boy Note Cards and Mini Bag Tag
Hippie Chic Pink & Brown Sports Bottle, Groovy Girl Bright Pink Bag Tag & Pencil Cup
I seriously LOVE these lunchboxes!!! Pink GumDrops & Little Bo Peep
Black Damask Hot Pink Lunchbox
Pink Harlequin Bunny Mini Candy Bars
Pink & Green Stripe Easter Basket Mini Candy Bars
Rugby Blue & Red Plate & Matching Straw Cup

© 2009 paperdoll designs

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Spring Break Update

The Little Darlings returned on Tuesday. The Baker and I missed them so much while they were away BUT we had a great time eating out, watching movies, shopping without kids and just hanging out. Amazingly, I did NOT sleep late everyday. I actually got up and got to work. I GREATLY underestimated the time it will take me to complete the PaperDoll project I had mentioned but it is definitely still in the works and hopefully will be ready SOMEDAY. Who knows when but it will happen!
Now that the kids are back I am on a Spring Cleaning mission. Today I had a Lego Intervention. My sweet little Graham used to be my organized one. He used to make sure everything was in place before he went to bed and I never had to worry about him messing up his room. Then he was introduced to Legos. He's CRAZY about Legos. LOVES Legos. They have taken over his room. He has them everywhere. He doesn't like to take things apart once he builds them so his room is covered in little Lego spaceships and cars and strange little Star Wars figures. I put special shelves in his closet JUST for the Legos. Once that was full he started putting them on his bookshelf in his room...then his dresser...then his desk...then the windowsill...then under the bed...EVERYWHERE! Once the room was covered in Legos it didn't really seem to matter to him whether his other things were put away and I couldn't take it anymore. We woke up this morning at 8 am and worked until noon. We bought some containers at the dollar store and got out the label maker and labeled everything. We sorted clothes, toys, books and LEGOS, LEGOS and more LEGOS. He's excited that everything has a place so I think he might actually keep it that way. I'm hoping. It's an amazing transformation. I should have taken before and after pics but of course, I didn't.
Tomorrow I will be having a Groovy Girl, American Girl, Plastic Jewelry, Stuffed Animal, Barbie Intervention. Wish me luck on that one...Nora's got her own opinions on organization.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Closed for Spring Break '09 Baby!

Just wanted to remind you all that I will not be processing any NEW orders after today, March 13th. If you still want to send in orders be aware that I will not get started on them until March 22nd. Start thinking about Easter and your awesome teachers. The week after spring break right up until the end of the school year is CRAZY busy here at PaperDoll and I would hate to have to turn any orders away.

Darth Vader, Fancy Nancy, Super Charlie & Leprechauns!

It was Reading Week this week at G & N's school. They had a blast. Today they were supposed to dress like their favorite book character. Graham was, of course, Darth Vader. Isn't Star Wars a movie??? Nora was Fancy Nancy. She's been planning it out for weeks. Charlie woke up this morning and saw that everyone was in costume and ran to find his "Super Charlie" cape.

Graham's teacher is awesome! Not only is she all about having fun but she really challenges our Little Brain. Today she sent them on a scavenger hunt for a pot of gold. While they were away some "Leprechauns" stopped by their room and caused some serious destruction. They knocked over chairs and desks and emptied bookshelves and dumped crayons everywhere. She thought it was hilarious and loved it! The kids loved it too. The best part...they left green shamrock shaped donuts.
Spring Break will officially start today at 3:00. Camp Mema Gpa will officially start tomorrow morning!! I'll be spending my mommy days off working hard on something new happening soon at PaperDoll Designs. Hopefully, I'll squeeze in dinner and a movie with The Baker.
Happy Friday!!!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Super Easy Crockpot Chicken Ole'

I was just getting ready to start our dinner for tonight and I thought I would share. This is one of The Baker's favorite meals and it's SO EASY! All you have to do is get out your crock pot and drop in some chicken breasts ( I use 4.) I usually put them in frozen and start it mid morning. Take a packet of taco seasoning and sprinkle about half of it on top of the chicken. Drain one can of black beans and add them to crock pot. Top that with lots of salsa. I never measure...maybe 2 cups? Cook on low all day. Top with cheese before serving...YUM!
Try'll like it.

BTW, It's snowing today. It was 80 degrees two days ago. CRAZY! I'm done with cold weather!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

PaperDoll Picture Post Part 2

Large Clippie Black Damask/Yellow
Tatum Pink Bag Tag
Brown Damask/Green Family Calendar
LOVE THIS COMBO...Thanks Leslie :)...Sabrena Stripe Plate, Groovy Girl Bright Placemat & Pink GumDrops Sippy
Black Damask/Orange Memo Holder & Pen
Hot Pink & Purple Ballet Invitation & Note Cards
Pink Lemonade & La La Lavender Sports Bottles
Dot Dot Darcy Black/Turquoise & Black/Hot Pink Sports Bottles

© 2009 paperdoll designs

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