Friday, March 13, 2009

Darth Vader, Fancy Nancy, Super Charlie & Leprechauns!

It was Reading Week this week at G & N's school. They had a blast. Today they were supposed to dress like their favorite book character. Graham was, of course, Darth Vader. Isn't Star Wars a movie??? Nora was Fancy Nancy. She's been planning it out for weeks. Charlie woke up this morning and saw that everyone was in costume and ran to find his "Super Charlie" cape.

Graham's teacher is awesome! Not only is she all about having fun but she really challenges our Little Brain. Today she sent them on a scavenger hunt for a pot of gold. While they were away some "Leprechauns" stopped by their room and caused some serious destruction. They knocked over chairs and desks and emptied bookshelves and dumped crayons everywhere. She thought it was hilarious and loved it! The kids loved it too. The best part...they left green shamrock shaped donuts.
Spring Break will officially start today at 3:00. Camp Mema Gpa will officially start tomorrow morning!! I'll be spending my mommy days off working hard on something new happening soon at PaperDoll Designs. Hopefully, I'll squeeze in dinner and a movie with The Baker.
Happy Friday!!!


  1. that is so cute! what a great school.

  2. Darling, precious kiddos and Cheers to you for taking Spring Break! Can't wait to see what's happening with PD! Talk soon friend!


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