Sunday, March 29, 2009

Good Peoples

When The Baker really likes someone he often jokingly says "They're Good Peoples." I've been stealing his phrase a lot lately to talk about my PaperDoll Friends. I'm constantly surprised by my sweet customers. I'm always getting thank you notes and sweet emails. Just last week I found two gift cards in my little pink container - thank you Amy & Jamie!! Not so long ago I found a stinkin' cute hair clippie for Nora - thank you Thuy! A few days ago, I opened up my garage door (how's a disaster in there) and caught Sweet Terra & Kylan leaving a "Potty Party" bag for Charlie!!! It was a bag full of little treats that he LOVED!! He carried it around all day and was so proud. How sweet is that??? Kylan and Charlie had never even met until then. He's a cutie...the two of them could get into some big trouble together I'm sure! So anyway, PaperDoll customers are "Good Peoples!" THANK YOU!!!

PaperDoll Gift Cards...available in any amount starting at $10

Pink Lemonade Placemat & Straw Cup

Hepburn Memo Holders: Blue, Green & Pink with Matching Pens

Candy Rolls

Easter Candy Bars

Princess M&M Tubes

Mini Candy Bars, Playdough & Bitty Tiny Favor Boxes

Mimi Black and Red Note Pad and Ladybug Bag Tag

GumDrop Red Stripe Placemat

She's not for sale but isn't she cute???

Maui Pink & Green Large Clippie
Mini Candy Bars - Green Harlequin Giraffe
Pink PaperDoll Paisley Note Cards
Olive, sportin' her new Schnauzer cut. I miss the furball...we're letting it grow back out.
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  1. Hey K!

    How much are the cute large clippies? I think my Abby Lou would be allll over that!!



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