Sunday, March 1, 2009

The Winner is...

First, let me apologize for not posting the winner on Saturday as promised. Strep Throat came to visit me on Friday and I've spent the last two days in bed. Funny how I always wish for the chance to just stay in bed all day but when I actually get to I am miserable. Strep Throat is not fun. Yesterday The Baker (with Lysol in his hand) looked at me in my pathetic state and had the nerve to say this: "You're getting to the age where you really need to take better care of yourself." After I resisted the urge to hit him, I started thinking that he might be right. I'm not really sure what that means though. Do I just start taking vitamins, drinking water, eating better?? I've never been a health nut so I'm open to suggestions. Help me!!! We're tired of being sick!!!

Now, on to the winner! The DeMik Family said:

Love this! Love your creativity! Love being here in Tulsa! Can't wait to place my order on March 1st for the magnetic weekly calendar!

Congrats!!! You win!! Just shoot me an email and we'll chat about your prize!!!


  1. tell the baker it is that time of year .. i had strep last week as well that i caught from subbing for teachers that were also out with strep .. so we must blame it this time on the kiddes. ;)

  2. So sorry you've been under the weather! Ky had strep last week too...since he is 2 and had it and you had it I'm saying it has nothing to do with your age, it just must be going around! :) I did pick my cute gifts up...I hope I didn't leave any germs in the cute pink paperdoll tub when I did! Get well friend!

  3. hey girly. i asked our pediatrician that very thing...why are WE getting so sick...and THEY'RE never sick over there. he said, some "family systems" are just more prone/succeptible (sp?) to getting viruses and "catching" things. i'm like, i work out, i take vitamins...he said sometimes the immune system is lower in family systems...he kept saying that....i have yet to google it. and i stay up pretty late. i think our lack of sleep contributes somewhat...tho, i'm still not sure i really need 8-10 hours of sleep...who knows! hope you have a much better week. and, i feel the same way about staying in bed all day...would be nice if we weren't always sickos doing it. many blessings!

  4. my husband said the same thing to me the other day when I wanted to crawl back into bed after putting the kids on the bus...guess I have to face being 35...
    I know I feel better and am healthier and stronger when I am eating a balanced diet and working out. If I have a day when all I eat is a soda and girl scout cookies and don't realize how busy I've been and that I haven't eaten anything with nutritional value. I know the next day I'll be run down...I'm really trying to cut down on sugar and eat more veggies...and less girl scout cookies. :) Good luck, hope you feel better.


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