Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Seriously Considering...

I'm seriously considering the following things...some of the them might shock you...
*cutting off my hair
*taking a sledgehammer to our master bathroom even though we can't afford to remodel right now
*taking a sledge hammer to our kitchen tile even though we can't afford to remodel right now
*hiding every can of Lysol in the house from The Baker and officially changing his blog name to Lysol King
*buying these shoes
or these shoes
AND these shoes
because something has come over me and I am all about orange and green right now. I'll need matching purses. I'm considering adding these because you know how I already love this color
*Home Schooling...yes, you read that right.
*Painting every last piece of furniture in my house ivory (starting with my black dining room table) because I love that clean look and it just makes me happy
*blowing off the idea of an honest to goodness grown up PaperDoll website because loading all the pictures and pricing and info on the darn thing is just making me crazy
*kicking my kids out of their "game room" which is really just a GINORMOUS closet that they never play in so I can use it for storage
*taking flu girl and "I don't want to pee in the potty" boy to get cute donuts in the morning followed by a gigantic Diet Dr. Pepper fountain drink

That last one is probably the only one that is sensible...don't you think?


  1. LOVE this post!!

    And if it were up to me...get the orange big flower shoes! LOVE 'em!!


  2. WOW, that is alot to be considering! :) First, I love the orange shoes, I've heard that orange is very IN this year! Or at least that is what I am telling myself since I bought a giant orange purse. I think the lysol king needs to hide the sledge hammer from you! I think your very best idea is the pretty donoughts and the diet DP! Can I come too?!

  3. I HEAR YA'!!!!!! Yesterday was just one of those days and if I had the energy I might make a list like you did!!

    Thanks for listening yesterday to me whine!!! :)

  4. I'm loving all the shoes! I love that Born is doing cute now to go with all the comfortable.

  5. Homeschool- OMG...pray over that one!
    Shoes- Yes, all of them!
    Tile- No you will regret it and then you will HAVE to homeschool to afford new tile!
    Website- Contact Jen at Blue Yonder Designs. She did ours for Lazy Moms and she is totally affordable and easy to work with!

  6. I think the doughnuts/Diet Dr. Pepper AND the pretty shoes both very reasonable!


  7. Good to see you and your cuties today. Do the shoes! Super cute! Check out my friend's blog... fun and keeps me up on what is "in" for the season...I say the orange shoes are "in"

  8. I completely understand on the website thing! It takes me more time to update that than to do orders! I have so many plans to add new things but never get to it because of the site! Your blog is perfect...and you probably sell like crazy without people even going to your site!(:


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