Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Spring Break Update

The Little Darlings returned on Tuesday. The Baker and I missed them so much while they were away BUT we had a great time eating out, watching movies, shopping without kids and just hanging out. Amazingly, I did NOT sleep late everyday. I actually got up and got to work. I GREATLY underestimated the time it will take me to complete the PaperDoll project I had mentioned but it is definitely still in the works and hopefully will be ready SOMEDAY. Who knows when but it will happen!
Now that the kids are back I am on a Spring Cleaning mission. Today I had a Lego Intervention. My sweet little Graham used to be my organized one. He used to make sure everything was in place before he went to bed and I never had to worry about him messing up his room. Then he was introduced to Legos. He's CRAZY about Legos. LOVES Legos. They have taken over his room. He has them everywhere. He doesn't like to take things apart once he builds them so his room is covered in little Lego spaceships and cars and strange little Star Wars figures. I put special shelves in his closet JUST for the Legos. Once that was full he started putting them on his bookshelf in his room...then his dresser...then his desk...then the windowsill...then under the bed...EVERYWHERE! Once the room was covered in Legos it didn't really seem to matter to him whether his other things were put away and I couldn't take it anymore. We woke up this morning at 8 am and worked until noon. We bought some containers at the dollar store and got out the label maker and labeled everything. We sorted clothes, toys, books and LEGOS, LEGOS and more LEGOS. He's excited that everything has a place so I think he might actually keep it that way. I'm hoping. It's an amazing transformation. I should have taken before and after pics but of course, I didn't.
Tomorrow I will be having a Groovy Girl, American Girl, Plastic Jewelry, Stuffed Animal, Barbie Intervention. Wish me luck on that one...Nora's got her own opinions on organization.

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  1. Please post pictures of the "DOLL" Intervention and what you end up doing with everything. We have the same problem and I can't seem to come to a good solution for the problem. Enjoy the rest of the week. No subbing today or tomorrow and hubby just left 20 minutes ago for a long weekend golf trip for a friend who is getting married. YEAH!!!! No telling what us girls get into now! :)


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