Wednesday, July 29, 2009


There's a HUGE giveaway going on over at Natalie's Sentiments.
There are PaperDoll items involved and LOTS of other good stuff. Go check it out...

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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Bag Tags

Did you buy your little man this Gap bag for school?

Then you might need this bag tag...
Or maybe your little girl picked out this Gap Bag?

Then you're going to need one of these bag tags...

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Thanks for the Love

Thank you Thank you Thank you SO much to everyone who left comments and sent emails yesterday. I can't believe all the nice things you guys had to say!! I'm so happy that I have such great customers and friends! I really do appreciate all the sweet words.
The winners of the note cards are the first three people that actually sent feedback: Thuy, Terra S. & Alissa F. Just let me know which note cards you would like, ladies.
The rest of you will be seeing your comments on the soon to be revealed website...THANK YOU!

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Monday, July 27, 2009


To clarify...
send feedback my way and tonight or tomorrow morning I will let you know who the note card winners are! Sending an email saying you will if you win doesn't count...cheaters. I meant that in the nicest way...

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PaperDoll Love = Free Note Cards

Is there anyone out there (besides my mom) who might be willing to say a few NICE words about PaperDoll Designs and the products you have ordered??? I would like to have a feedback section on the new website so new customers can check it out. I hate to beg for complements...but oh well, I'm begging. Send me an email if your interested! FREE SMALL NOTE CARDS TO THE FIRST 3 PEOPLE THAT RESPOND!!!!!! Your first name and last initial will be used on the website...unless you want to remain anonymous. Pink GumDrops Sippy Cup
Zebra Megaphone Bag Tags
Garden Party Note Card...Loving this one!!!
Zebra Lime Note Cards
Damask Hot Pink Bag Tag...Bows are not included in the bag tag price but will be an option on the new website!!!
Red Damask Turquoise Bag Tags
Brown Damask Burgundy Tray
Cupcake Stripe Calling Card
Pale Pink Powder Puff Note Cards
Custom Design...back of bag tag
Custom design...front of bag tag

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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Under Construction...

The New and Improved Website is COMING SOON! This time I really mean it! I'm almost ready to share it with you!!! Very soon....

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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Change of plans...

Tomorrow we are supposed to be waking up bright and early to head off for a little family getaway. We are supposed to be headed to Frisco for my niece's 2nd birthday. We are supposed to stop at some outlets on the way. We are supposed to stop and visit my brother and his family in Fort Worth. We are supposed to be visiting Anthropologie, The Container Store, American Girl and The Lego Store. We are supposed to be getting a bundt fix at Nothing Bundt Cakes. We are supposed to stay at a hotel with a pool so we can swim and relax and do whatever. We are supposed to watch sweet Ellis blow out two candles. Instead, we are going to sit around the house and watch Charlie do this...Poor Baby has pneumonia. I feel like a bad mommy. He wheezes A LOT and this time I thought it was just asthma or allergies. We've been doing the breathing treatments for a few days and I just assumed it was his usual stuff. I took him to the Dr. at the last minute tonight because I decided it would be best to make sure before we headed out. He's got it pretty bad. Poor little man...

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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Lately I'm Lovin'...

*The new Reasors that just opened up near our house. It's sad that I get excited about a grocery store but's awesome. The produce is beautiful, the flowers are so pretty and you can't beat a grocery store with police car carts when you have a three year old!

*Netflix. I decided that since we rarely go see movies we would treat ourselves to Netflix for the summer. It's been awesome. I've used it more than the kids. I'm getting caught up on all the movies that I really wanted to see but didn't have a babysitter for. Love it.

*the library. We've been going to the library a lot lately. I've actually read a book this summer. A real book...not a kid's book. I've been using the library's website to reserve books that I want the kids to read and it makes things so much easier! We just walk in and grab our books off the reserved shelf. DONE. Then I can let the kids grab a few books off the shelf so they feel like they have picked them all by themselves. It doesn't really matter what they grab because I know that I already have a bag full of books that I handpicked for them. Sneaky.

*Oil of Olay. A few weeks ago I was feeling paranoid. Am I getting wrinkles??? Do I look old?? I went here and took their little quiz and decided to try some of their stuff. I love it. I look 10 years younger. Well, maybe not...but I'm happy with it. Why haven't I used this stuff before??
*Bento Boxes. I developed a little obsession with these about a year ago. One of the mommy chores that I absolutely do not like is making lunches. I usually dread making three lunches everyday but something about these cute little bento boxes makes it all seem less dreadful. I use them at home even though they are supposed to be for lunch on the go. I like seeing how much food I can pack in these tiny boxes and cute little food picks much it much more fun to eat. I ordered them SUPER CHEAP from an online store that has now disappeared so if anyone knows where to find them at an affordable price I'd love to know! We need to add to our Bento collection. I only like the cute ones though...I've got issues.*Switchflops. Okay, at first I thought they were a little cheesy. But then I saw these and I was hooked. I decided that since I never bought those Born shoes I was drooling over, that I could have these as a little summer fling. I got this pair and an extra strap and now I can't stop thinking about all the other straps that I need. I NEED them, right??

*So You Think You Can Dance. Need I say more? I'm in love with this show. I've been watching it for years and I LOVE it. Are you watching it? If I were a freaky stage mom I would start grooming Nora right now for her big debut on this show. It's actually crossed my mind. How proud would I be if someday Nora actually danced across that stage? But I'm not a freaky stage mom. Really, I'm not.

So what are you loving this summer??

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Sunday, July 19, 2009

This post has no name...

NEW! Memo Holder Refills
Jenks Cheer Sports Bottles
Groovy Girl Pink & Purple Pencil Cup
Spring GumDrops Flat Note Cards
Maui Pink & Green Straw Cup
Powder Puff Blue & Green Plate
Pink Cupcake Stickers
Blue & Green Rugby Stickers
Spring GumDrops Bag Tag & Sippy Cup
Charlie, Henry Stripe Pink & Initial Stripe Blue & Green Sports Bottles
Initial Stripe Red & Blue Sippy Cup
Dot Dot Darcy Green & Pink Sippy Cup
Red Damask Turquoise Note Cards
Bright Blue & Orange Powder Puff (without the puff) Note cards
Personalized Pens
Minnie & Mickey Sports Bottles
Powder Puff Blue & Orange Bag Tag & Sippy Cup
Super Hero Bag Tag and Sippy
Little Bo Peep Checkbook Cover

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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Almost....But Not Quite

For about two weeks now, Prince Charles has been wearing the cutest little boxer briefs. I love to see him running around the house in these tiny little boxers. We've made huge strides in the potty training arena. This post may be TMI for some of you. He hasn't had a pee pee accident in days. Well, unless you count that little puddle in the aisle at Office Depot...but let's not talk about that. He's done great. I thought we'd never say good-bye to diapers so I am really happy about the progress. We have one BIG problem though. He WILL NOT poop in the potty. NEVER. WON'T DO IT. What's a mommy to do?? I've tried begging. I've tried yelling. I've tried the candy bribe. I've tried the toy bribe. I've tried time-outs. I've tried the let him sit in it and be uncomfortable for a while. I've tried the it's no big deal you'll make it next time approach. He starts big boy school in less than 4 weeks...he can't go unless he's totally potty-trained. Help me!! Any suggestions???

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Summer Newsletter

I just sent out the first PaperDoll newsletter in months. If you didn't get it and you'd like to, sign up by using that "newsletter signup" button over there to the left. It's towards the bottom of the page. Scroll'll find it.

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Cleaning out the picture files...

Powder Puff Pink & Brown Luggage Tag
Powder Puff Blue & Brown & Pink & Brown Straw Cups
Eiffel Tower Sweet 16 Invitation
Graham Birth Announcement...what a cutie!!!
Groovy Girl Bookmark
Vintage Baby Green & Pink Bookmarks
Pink Camo Enclosure Cards
Tatum Purple Bag Tag & Vintage Baby Pink Bag Tag
PaperDoll Paisley Orange Family Note Cards
Mommy Note Pad
Pink Bubbles Bag Tag
Giraffe on Froggy Stripe Bag Tag
Guitar Stripe Bag Tag
Pink & Yellow Powder Puff Checkbook Cover & Pen
Maui Brown & Blue Luggage Tag
Domino Hot Pink Note Pads & Pen
Hot Pink Damask with Orange Note Pad & Pen

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