Friday, July 3, 2009

On the way home...

I promise...these are the last of the vacation pics. This trip really was just about perfect. We had so much fun! I really would love to go back to California as soon as possible. On our last day we stopped at the beach and let the boys play for a little while. Nora's not sure about the ocean. She stayed back and looked for beach rocks and shells. Graham and Charlie loved it.
Nathan and I actually talked about how perfect the trip had gone as we were getting in the car to leave the beach and head home. We couldn't believe how stress fee everything had been. A few hours later...
our rental car looked like this. We got hit by some poor scared 16 year old boy in Yuma, Arizona. We had to track down a car rental place because this poor car wasn't about to make it home. You can't tell from the picture but something was jammed into the tire so it was not driveable. Is "driveable" a word?
It was still a great trip. Almost perfect, but not quite.


  1. We used to live in Oceanside..the walk on the Carlsbad beach overlook is one of my favorite places in the world! Great pictures...I love OK but really miss was a hard thing to transfer away from a daily walk on the beach! thanks for sharing the pics!

  2. That is probably my most favorite picture of the boys. Charlie looks like he is so happy and G is just looking at him so sweetly. I would have worried (who me?) about the Posidon Wave in the background though.


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