Monday, March 31, 2008

And the winner is...

Number 9 is Cindy! Congratulations you have won a personalized travel tumbler!! yippee!!! Just pick your design and personalization and it will be yours!!
Thanks for playing in my first blog giveaway! Big Bloggy Hug...Bye!!!

Sunday, March 30, 2008

It's been busy over closets, a little "studio" renovation (which I'll share in a later post,) a visit from the in-laws, a soccer game, teaching Sunday School, a FABULOUS trip to the Martha aisle at Michael's and LOTS of pretty paper orders. I'll post a few pics so you can see what I've been up to...
Our friend Nikki just had a baby. She also just wrote a book! Hopefully she's not spending her time between late night feedings reading my blog because I haven't had a chance to give her this gift yet!
Personalized Onesies: Tattoo Baby and Baby Brothers Rock - $12 each

Maddie's Dots Blue Photo Announcement - $1.50 each

Sports Bottles - Pink Soccer, Groovy Girl Pink & Orange, GumDrops Pink - $12 each
Hepburn Pink Tumblers - $13 each
Hepburn Pink Large NotePad - $16/set of 2
Sabrena Bubbles Small NotePad Set - $16/set of 4

Don't forget...Monday is the GIVEAWAY!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Don't forget...

My first giveaway will be next here to find out how to enter your name for the drawing.

Birthdays Rock Fill In Thank You Cards - $10/set and Birthdays Rock Invitations - $1.30 each

Rugby Blue & Red Bag Tags - $6 each
Henry Stripe, Big Dotty Blue & Chocolate, Rugby Blue & Chocolate & Dot Dot Darcy Turquoise Sippies - $12 each

Dotty Green Calling Cards & GumDrops Turquoise Calling Cards - $12/set of 24

One of those days...

Surprisingly, I'm in a pretty good mood despite the day we've had. Thursday is ballet day which means Nora gets to do ballet and I get to chase Charlie around the building saying "Come back here" and "Don't eat that!" It's one of the hi-lights of my week. Love it, Seriously.

After that it was nap time for Sir Charlie. I tried for 30 minutes to get that child to sleep. Exactly 5 minutes after he finally gave up and drifted off, my darling Nora took a flying leap and landed on the bed next to him. When she realized what she had done she shouted at the top of her lungs (and with a slight roll of her eyes) that she was "SOR-RY!" I had a few words for her and then I made her help me clean out my closet.

About the closet...I'm a color coded, same kind of hangers obsessive closet organizing girl. However, about two months ago PaperDoll business really picked up (I'm not's a huge blessing.) At that same time I pretty much abandoned all forms of house work. It's been a sad state of affairs here. I've been doing laundry when I realize someone needs socks or underwear and I dust when someone has written their name on top of the dining room table. I decided earlier this week that I had to get back on track. Surely I can find a way to make pretty paper and keep my house clean. The closet was the first step. I'm almost done and I'm seriously considering posting a before and after picture. We'll see...

The Baker (my hubbie) is making cookies...I must have one. Then I'll finish the closet and get to work. There's a lot of PLAIN paper sittin' around here and I can't have that!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Lip Balm, Anyone?

I've been wrapping lots of lip balms lately. Thought you might want to see a few...

Tuesday, March 25, 2008



Monday, March 24, 2008


This is such a special occasion I decided it called for a fancy font! I've been blogging about it and blogging about it and I finally decided to just do it! So here you have it...the very first PaperDoll Designs Blog Giveaway! It's my way of saying thank you for supporting my little venture. I appreciate your business and I really appreciate all the emails and referrals and lovely things you have to say about my products. It's easy - all you gotta do is leave a comment. Go ahead and tell me how much you love me or how cute my kids are or what you had for breakfast or whatever. One week from today (if my calculations are right that would be next Monday night) I will use the random number generator (that's fancy blog stuff) to pick a number. That lucky person will win one of these... 003

Sunday, March 23, 2008


I only raised my voice a tiny bit when trying to get all three to look at the camera and smile. Aren't my babies beautiful? We had such a great day!

Here's a sweet bunny cake...she's so fancy...she's wearing earrings and a necklace. Guess who made her AND decorated her? Nora and her daddy!

Little Birdie Sippy Cup

Friday, March 21, 2008

Sippy Cups for Charlotte

My friend Ashleigh asked me to make some sippy cups for her little girl, Charlotte. They turned out cute, cute and cute!

Tatum Pink, Vintage Baby Pink, Groovy Girl Pink & Orange

My sweet Charlie L-O-V-E loves his spaghetti! Here is a picture of him taken today after eating said spaghetti and realizing that I was not going to let him play with my camera...

Oh I LOVE this boy!

I've got my eye on this...

And these...

And I would love to buy my awesome baker of a husband this for his upcoming birthday...

Unfortunately, we are being very Dave Ramsey lately so I will just have to wait...
Once again, this has nothing to do with pretty paper but I am easily distracted by this color these days.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Lots and lots of pretty plates...

Hippie Chic Pink & Green Plate
This Little Line of Mine Blue Plate
It's a Plane! Plate
Gumdrops Blue & Orange Plate
Stripes with no name...Any Suggestions???

Big Dotty Bright Pink Plate
Groovy Girl Pink & Orange Plate
Soccer Ball Blue Plate
Oh, how I love these plates! I've been super frustrated with the process I must go through to get them here on time and looking pretty but I am not ready to give up yet...They are too fabulous!
I spent the whole night playing catch up after my little break. We had the greatest time! We went to the lake with our dear sweet friends and our 5 little darlings had the BEST time ever!! They played outstide from sun up until sun down and they were filthy and it was wonderful! THANK YOU THANK YOU my "forever a PaperDoll" friend Hollie!
I can't quite capture a bag tag on film...must we bring up my photography skills again? I went for showing you the finished product - all wrapped up and tied with a bow.

Macy Pink & Orange and Macy Blue & Brown Bag Tags

Hepburn Pink Checkbook Cover

Still in the works...The First Ever PaperDoll Designs Blog GiveAway AND a new twist on some old designs...just trying to find the time...

Someone's going to be a big brother!!!

I bet that title got the attention of my friends and family!

Recenly my sweet customer and e-friend Terra asked me to help her share some exciting news. I was thrilled to help and here is a pic of her little boy wearing the big announcement!

We had a blast on our little getaway but I am glad to be back...I missed my computer! How sad is that? Anyway, I have LOTS to say so I will post more later. Charlie is SCREAMING for me.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Bye Bye Butterfly!

I'm a little panic stricken just thinking about the next few days without my laptop but I think I can survive! Maybe I will get to bed before 3ish for a couple of nights...imagine that!
Miss me...

p.s. Can you add to this list?

See ya later, Alligator
After while, Crocodile
See ya soon, Baboon
Hang Loose, Mother Goose

The three little darlings love to play that game and it gets a little old when we haven't added a new one into the mix for a while...

Pretty Paper and Cake Stands?

Vintage Baby Pink Note Cards and Big Dotty Pink & Chocolate Note Cards
Sabrena Bubbles Small Note Pads, Pink Ballet Note Cards
PaperDoll Paisley Blue & Chocolate Note Cards
Chocolate Party Pink Note Cards

I really should think serioulsy about photography lessons. I'm always so unhappy with the way my pictures turn out but I have no idea what all the settings and buttons on my cameras mean. Do I really have time for photography class??

I added a cake stand to my collection today. I'm so happy about it I had to share! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the color. It's just a simple cake stand, nothing fancy at all but the color makes me so happy! I'm thinking about decorating my kitchen around this cake stand! Seriously...

So I got the cake stand and then I had to bake something to sit on top. This meant I had to get out my new cookbook - the one with sneaky recipes with vegetables hidden inside - and when I saw the cute cover (you know the one) I had to get out one of my fancy aprons that my sweet friend Hollie gave me and then I had to try out my new food processor. I had no idea! Those carrots were pureed in seconds...WOW! I had two little helpers and my kitchen was a total mess but the muffins turned out so delicous! And isn't the cake stand pretty?

Thursday, March 13, 2008

I've become quite addicted to blogs. I stumbled across a Blog Party tonight. It caught my attention because they are giving away lots of prizes! Who doesn't love to win prizes??? Check it out...there's a link right over there...

My camera is charging so no cute PaperDoll items got their pictures taken tonight. Instead I thought I would post the list of things that make me happy. Why do I have a list of things that make me happy? Because it makes me happy! My very favorite charm from my childhood charm bracelet is one that my mom got me. You know what it says? "That makes me happy." Apparantly that has always been a favorite expression of mine. If you know me, you probably know the list already...they've been on my website but I've added some new ones.

Things that make me happy...
Diet Dr. Pepper (LOTS & LOTS OF IT!) • weekends • chandeliers • Target • sleeping late • the color PINK • organized spaces • cake stands • office supplies • The Princess and the Pea • a beautifully wrapped gift (even when it’s not for me) • pretty ribbon • vintage aprons • Third Day • email • IPods • Hershey bars • Sonic • Cottage Living & Home Companion magazines • bubble baths • things that sparkle • fresh flowers • shoes • cheesecake • Grey’s Anatomy, Friday Night Lights, Project Runway, American Idol, Cashmere Maffia & Desperate Housewives • Wii Tennis • chocolate chip pumpkin muffins • cupcakes • Tin Star’s queso and fish tacos • 70 degree weather • Victoria’s restaurant in Norman • spending time with Nathan, Graham, Nora & Charlie • Lucy's chocolate cake recipe • my silver Kate Spade • my grandma's ring • Martha Stewart • Robin's egg blue • funky little owls

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Email Issues

I've been having trouble with my email since yesterday afternoon. If you've sent me an email and I have not responded please try again. I'm sorry!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Sippy Cups!

Strep throat is gone, one school play down - one more to go, still have a messy house and an even messier office but I did manage to make some sippies tonight and they are so cute!!

Every baby needs a sweet personalized Sippy!!!!

Big Dotty Hot Pink, Birthdays Rock Stripe, Hippie Chic Pink & Green, Tatum Blue, Groovy Girl Orange & Pink, Dot Dot Darcy Turquoise - $12 each

Groovy Girl Pink & Brown and Hepburn Red Sports Bottles - $12 each

Monday, March 10, 2008

Our new Robot...

Now I digress from pretty paper and personalized gifts but I just have to share with you what my sweet little girl brought home from school today. Take a look at this:

That's right. You're not seeing things...she brought home a life size Hula Girl Robot. Is she beautiful, or what? Now my heart leaps at the thought of her using her little mind to create such a masterpiece. She must have some creative genes, right? I love the fact that she came up with this idea and obsessed over just how a Hula Girl Robot might accessorize...but the fact that it is now the focal point of our living room...I'm not lovin' that so much. How long do we need to proudly display her before she makes her way to the garage?

Now here are a few pics of my recent PaperDoll creations...

Chocolate Party Pink Note Cards - $10/set of 10

PaperDoll Paisley Gray Note Cards

Hepburn Tiffany Blue Note Cards & Maxwell Note Cards

Hepburn Tiffany Blue Tumbler - $13 and Hepburn Tiffany Blue Bookmark - $7

I'm thinking about doing my first Bloggy giveaway! There will only be one way to'll have to leave a comment. More on that later...I haven't decided yet what I want to give away.

Here's my fabby darling in his "Tattoo Baby" T. He was so proud to wear it. I think he makes a great model! Now the Big Brother is feeling left out...maybe he'll get one tomorrow.

My head has been spinning lately with all the new stuff. I'm super excited about something I will be showing later this week. It's a new twist on all the old designs! It hit me yesterday and I can't wait to find the time. So far this week we have two school plays, one Robot Rally, one child with strep throat, soccer practice, dance practice, a mess of a house and office and who knows what else! Somewhere in between I'll find the time! :)

I'm hoping to post a few new product pictures later today...for now enjoy my sweet Charlie's pic!!

***sippy cups will be here tomorrow!
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