Saturday, March 15, 2008

Pretty Paper and Cake Stands?

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PaperDoll Paisley Blue & Chocolate Note Cards
Chocolate Party Pink Note Cards

I really should think serioulsy about photography lessons. I'm always so unhappy with the way my pictures turn out but I have no idea what all the settings and buttons on my cameras mean. Do I really have time for photography class??

I added a cake stand to my collection today. I'm so happy about it I had to share! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the color. It's just a simple cake stand, nothing fancy at all but the color makes me so happy! I'm thinking about decorating my kitchen around this cake stand! Seriously...

So I got the cake stand and then I had to bake something to sit on top. This meant I had to get out my new cookbook - the one with sneaky recipes with vegetables hidden inside - and when I saw the cute cover (you know the one) I had to get out one of my fancy aprons that my sweet friend Hollie gave me and then I had to try out my new food processor. I had no idea! Those carrots were pureed in seconds...WOW! I had two little helpers and my kitchen was a total mess but the muffins turned out so delicous! And isn't the cake stand pretty?

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  1. that IS a cute cake stand. i'm loving that light, easy blue color these days too! blessings!


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