Thursday, March 27, 2008

One of those days...

Surprisingly, I'm in a pretty good mood despite the day we've had. Thursday is ballet day which means Nora gets to do ballet and I get to chase Charlie around the building saying "Come back here" and "Don't eat that!" It's one of the hi-lights of my week. Love it, Seriously.

After that it was nap time for Sir Charlie. I tried for 30 minutes to get that child to sleep. Exactly 5 minutes after he finally gave up and drifted off, my darling Nora took a flying leap and landed on the bed next to him. When she realized what she had done she shouted at the top of her lungs (and with a slight roll of her eyes) that she was "SOR-RY!" I had a few words for her and then I made her help me clean out my closet.

About the closet...I'm a color coded, same kind of hangers obsessive closet organizing girl. However, about two months ago PaperDoll business really picked up (I'm not's a huge blessing.) At that same time I pretty much abandoned all forms of house work. It's been a sad state of affairs here. I've been doing laundry when I realize someone needs socks or underwear and I dust when someone has written their name on top of the dining room table. I decided earlier this week that I had to get back on track. Surely I can find a way to make pretty paper and keep my house clean. The closet was the first step. I'm almost done and I'm seriously considering posting a before and after picture. We'll see...

The Baker (my hubbie) is making cookies...I must have one. Then I'll finish the closet and get to work. There's a lot of PLAIN paper sittin' around here and I can't have that!

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  1. you deserve a housekeeper! i think you've earned it! ; )


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