Thursday, March 20, 2008

Lots and lots of pretty plates...

Hippie Chic Pink & Green Plate
This Little Line of Mine Blue Plate
It's a Plane! Plate
Gumdrops Blue & Orange Plate
Stripes with no name...Any Suggestions???

Big Dotty Bright Pink Plate
Groovy Girl Pink & Orange Plate
Soccer Ball Blue Plate
Oh, how I love these plates! I've been super frustrated with the process I must go through to get them here on time and looking pretty but I am not ready to give up yet...They are too fabulous!
I spent the whole night playing catch up after my little break. We had the greatest time! We went to the lake with our dear sweet friends and our 5 little darlings had the BEST time ever!! They played outstide from sun up until sun down and they were filthy and it was wonderful! THANK YOU THANK YOU my "forever a PaperDoll" friend Hollie!
I can't quite capture a bag tag on film...must we bring up my photography skills again? I went for showing you the finished product - all wrapped up and tied with a bow.

Macy Pink & Orange and Macy Blue & Brown Bag Tags

Hepburn Pink Checkbook Cover

Still in the works...The First Ever PaperDoll Designs Blog GiveAway AND a new twist on some old designs...just trying to find the time...

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  1. This is the next thing I HAVE to purchase. You know I LOVE LOVE LOVE everything from PaperDoll Designs. Sometimes I feel like the sales rep for DFW : ) These plates are great gifts....but my kids must have one as well. See my order soon!

    o yea...I'm the envy of all the soccer moms with my sports bottles : ) Kim Pettigrew


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