Saturday, March 15, 2008

Bye Bye Butterfly!

I'm a little panic stricken just thinking about the next few days without my laptop but I think I can survive! Maybe I will get to bed before 3ish for a couple of nights...imagine that!
Miss me...

p.s. Can you add to this list?

See ya later, Alligator
After while, Crocodile
See ya soon, Baboon
Hang Loose, Mother Goose

The three little darlings love to play that game and it gets a little old when we haven't added a new one into the mix for a while...

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  1. We always said - once in a while, crocodile.

    Sorry to stop by so late (we had quite a week at our house including a broken elbow, surgery and an overnight stay at the hospital for my princess) - but things are better now and I wanted to let you know that .....

    YOU WON! This summer I will be sending you a copy of my children's book, My Name is Not Isabella.

    Yeay, Confetti streamers, balloons released, doves released (okay, no doves, we were too cheap for doves).

    Please contact me to let me know your mailing address. jenfos at yahoo dot com.

    Remember that the books are not available yet. They are currently at the printers, so probably over the summer, so it will be a nice reminder of a great blog party. I hope that if you like it when you get it, you will spread the news.

    If you forgot what I am talking about, come back and visit me at:



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