Thursday, March 6, 2008

My sweet babies were on TV!!

Now that has nothing to do with pretty paper but I was so excited I had to share! Their American Idol (Alaina Whitaker - who got robbed...don't get me started) came back to school today and while my little girl was filmed singing about how much she loved her, my little boy was filmed shoving other kids aside to get her autograph. I'm proud of may be worth something someday! Enough about that...Look at these pretty plates! Now they took over two weeks to get here (ugh!) but I think they were worth it!!!

Hippie Chic Blue Plate - $20
Blue, Chocolate & Ivory Stripe
Tatum Purple
More Sports Bottles! I LOVE making these! They all turn out so pretty!
Golf Sports Bottle, Pink Dotty with Flip Flops, Purple Rugby Tennis, Blue/Red Rugby Baseball
$12 each

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