Monday, March 10, 2008

Our new Robot...

Now I digress from pretty paper and personalized gifts but I just have to share with you what my sweet little girl brought home from school today. Take a look at this:

That's right. You're not seeing things...she brought home a life size Hula Girl Robot. Is she beautiful, or what? Now my heart leaps at the thought of her using her little mind to create such a masterpiece. She must have some creative genes, right? I love the fact that she came up with this idea and obsessed over just how a Hula Girl Robot might accessorize...but the fact that it is now the focal point of our living room...I'm not lovin' that so much. How long do we need to proudly display her before she makes her way to the garage?

Now here are a few pics of my recent PaperDoll creations...

Chocolate Party Pink Note Cards - $10/set of 10

PaperDoll Paisley Gray Note Cards

Hepburn Tiffany Blue Note Cards & Maxwell Note Cards

Hepburn Tiffany Blue Tumbler - $13 and Hepburn Tiffany Blue Bookmark - $7

I'm thinking about doing my first Bloggy giveaway! There will only be one way to'll have to leave a comment. More on that later...I haven't decided yet what I want to give away.

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