Tuesday, September 30, 2008

35 Things...

Graham's month long birthday celebration really got me thinking. Birthdays only come around once a year (duh) so they should be fabulous! They should be month long celebrations! And who says you have to be a kid to get excited about your birthday?? October 1st will begin my birthday celebration!! I'm not trying to be selfish but my birthday just always seems to get in the way. It's on Halloween and there is always so much going on during the days surrounding Halloween that my big day always seems to be an "oh yeah, we better celebrate your birthday really quick before we go trick or treating" kind of thing. Poor me...sniff, sniff. I know, I'm a big baby. Over the last few years I've kind of gotten used to it but this year, I'm changing it up. I'm enjoying my birthday! I've been blessed over the past thirty something years and I'm going to celebrate! I was thinking about this in the pick up line at school the other day and while Charlie snoozed I made a list of things I wanted to do during the month of October. I love lists!

Here's my checklist...I'll keep you updated on my progress!

1. Eat cheesecake!

2. Go to a movie...not a kid's movie.

3. Get a pedicure.

4. Get a manicure.

5. Commit a few random acts of kindness...anonymously.

6. Take my kids to get those super cute donuts at our favorite donut shoppe.

7. Have lunch at school with my kids.

8. Try a new recipe.

9. Open a beautifully wrapped present (even if I have to wrap it myself.)

10. Take one full day off...No working...AT ALL.

11. Go to the pumpkin patch.

12. Buy a great new pair of shoes.

13. Take a really long nap with no interruptions.

14. Sleep in with no interruptions.

15. Cut down on my Diet Dr. Pepper. This btw does not sound like fun and does not seem in the list little bit like a good way to celebrate my birthday BUT it would probably be good for me considering my massive consumption. I'll consider it a little gift to my health.

16. Buy a fabulous new pair of earrings.

17. Go out on a date with The Baker.

18. Go out with a girlfriend for breakfast, lunch, dinner, drinks, whatever.

19. Have someone ELSE clean my house...(I got a head start on this one...I'll update you later.)

20. Finish reading "The Shack." It came highly recommended but I just can't seem to get through it.

21. Buy, or better yet, GET fresh flowers.

22. Organize my kids' rooms. Seriously, this sounds like fun to me. I love it when I actually can find the time to do this. Sort, purge, clean! love it!

23. Stop drooling and get this new bedding. This list is getting expensive...it might have to turn into a 2-3 month long bday celebration.

24. Eat at a new restaurant.

25. Get my hair colored. I don't ever do this but I'm finding gray hairs lately...so sad. Aren't I too young for gray?

26. Have my babies professionally photographed. ( I got a head start on this one too...post coming soon.)

27. Get started on my Christmas shopping.

28. Check out the new Kupcakz in town...although I'm a little grumpy about this because I've been telling my family for well over 4 years now that WE should open a Cupcake Bar. I had it all planned in my head. It would be cute and fancy and pink and there would be icing shots and adorable cupcakes and it would be the perfect place for birthday parties and I could wear cute vintage aprons while I decorated cute little cupcakes. Oh well...

29. Make a sparkly glittery craft with Nora.

30. Finally finish at least one of the kid's photo albums that I have already started.

31. Back up my computer and breathe a sigh of relief.

32. Go HERE and eat something yummy! This might be kind of hard considering there are no locations anywhere near me but a girl can dream, right?

33. Get my MomAgenda refill and get organized.

34. Pick out the perfect chandelier to hang over our bed and start saving for it.

35. Go to Queenie's and have a breakfast scrambler and hope that I show up on the bacon, tomato, asparagus day.

That's it....the 35 things that I will try to do during my month long birthday celebration. I'm excited...I'm getting started tomorrow! Maybe I'll just get started right now. Happy Birthday Month to me!

Monday, September 29, 2008

NEW! Lollipop Kits!

I'm back!! I'm finally feeling caught up and I'm ready to start taking new orders. I mentioned way back when that I was thinking about creating a lollipop kit and here it is! SO CUTE! It's the perfect party favor!! I will be carrying these while supplies last so order NOW! Choose any design!

Each kit contains 15 lollipops, 15 personalized circle tags and 15 precut ribbons. I'll assemble one lollipop favor and then all you need is the tape!

Lollipop Kits by PaperDoll Designs - $12/kit

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The real reason I had to stop taking orders for a while...

I have to dedicate all my free time to Dancing With the Stars. My DVR is set and I'm all about Lacey & Lance. I'm not usually a big follower of this show but I loved Lacey on So You Think You Can Dance a few seasons ago. I was so excited when I found out she was going to be on this show!!! Did you see it last night?? FABULOUS! I'll be taking orders again when Lacey & Lance get kicked off the show. I'm kidding...I think.

Happy Birthday Dear Hollie...

Happy Birthday to you!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Until further notice...

I will not be able to accept anymore orders! I've never had to do this and I hate to do it but I just can't take anymore orders until I catch up a little bit. I'm so happy to be so busy but I just don't want to start making people mad because I'm being so slow SO I'm going to have to put a hold on any new orders. If you sent an oder in today I will gladly accept it but please allow about 2 weeks for it to be complete (unless other arrangements were made.) If you have an order please hold off until further notice. It may only be a day or two...who knows. I'll be back soon!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

I'm a bad, bad blogger

I've been a bad, bad blogger. I really do have lots to blog about...I just don't have the time to blog it. Here's quite possibly the longest picture post ever and hopefully I will get back into the blogging routine very soon.
dot dot darcy red & green - curly cue
cute cute cute! love the way this one turned out!!
blue striped shirt bag tag - vingy font
sports stickers - georgia font
hepburn green pen - sweetheart
tatum pink lip balm - angelina
tatum pink mini candy bars - angelina font
chocolate for hollie hot pink & black bag tag - sweetheart
paperdoll paisley black & tiffany blue checkbook cover and pen - impervious
gumdrops pink checkbook cover and pen - impervious
night owl note pads and note cards - impervious
tiffany blue chandelier tray - french script
dot dot darcy black & red checkbook cover
monogram notecards - sweetheart
"i need a name" bag tag - sweetheart
"i need a name" tray - sweetheart LOVE LOVE LOVE this one!
guitar stripe placemat - curly cue
big dotty blue & blue calling cards - jackson jr.
maddie's dots blue invitations
gumdrops pink pencil cup - kayleigh
dark camo plate - chalk
ADORABLE COMBO - blue gumdrop placemat & gumdrop stripe plate - impervious
hippie chic pink centered plate & gumdrops placemat - impervious
CUTE! tatoo baby plate with red trim
sporty stripe football glossy mini invitations - vingy font
dot dot darcy red and royal sports bottle - impervious
hepburn pink placemat & sippy cup - such a cute idea for big sis/lil sis gifts!
hepburn green placemat & sports bottle - kristen font
hippie chic blue placemat - curly cue font
purple circus flip top cup - curly cue
hippie chic pink flip top cup - curlz
hippie chic blue invitation - fontdiner loungy
candy rolls - great shower favors!
"i need a name" tumbler - sweetheart
pink harlequin personal shower glossy mini inviations
gumdrop stripe glossy mini invitations
gumdrops turquoise note cards - impervious
NEW!!! push pop part favors - $1.50 each
blue dots with football mini candy bars
a tray for me...so pretty! i'm going to use it as my sign at shows
hot pink chandelier tray
hepburn tan/green tray
chocolate paisley/red
red hepburn with black
chocolate party blue pen
sports balls on blue placemat - pupcat
tatoo baby placemat - so cute!

pink elephants for ivy tray - sweetheart

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