Tuesday, September 9, 2008

A Picture Post

Sabrena Stripe Checkbook Cover & Pen - Sweetheart font
Hippie Chic Pencil Cup & Pen - Curlz font
Dot Dot Darcy Ladybug Straw Cup - Curlz font & Guitar Stripe - Chalk font

Big Dotty Pink Note Cards - Impervious font
Dot Dot Darcy Black & Red Sports Bottles & Mimi Note Cards - Impervious font
The Force Candy Bars - Arial font

Guitar Large Note Pads - Susie's Hand font

Tatum Purple Bag Tag - Sweetheart font & Hepburn Hot Pink Bag Tag - Marker Fine Point Font
Lime Green Gingham Bag Tag - Angelina font
Hepburn Blue Checkbook Cover - Sweetheart font
Hepburn Red Pen - Sweetheart font

OH SO CUTE!!! Max & Sutton are going to be Big Brothers!!! Glossy Mini Card
GumDrops Pen - Sweetheart font
Hippie Chic Turquoise, Race Car on Blue & This Little Line Blue with Soccer Ball Bag Tags

Had to show you this....I asked The Baker to repaint my work table because it was getting kind of yucky. He didn't even complain when I broke it to him that I wanted stripes! It turned out so cute! I heart The Baker!
I'm thinking about adding these Lollipops! Mostly because I love to say Lollipop and I love to hear Charlie say Lollipop but also because they would make great Halloween favors, party favors, etc. I'm thinking about selling them as Lollipop Kits though. I would include the Lollipops with the circle attachments and pre-cut ribbon. You do the rest. Any thoughts???

Speaking of Lollipops, I snagged three of these giant ones yesterday at Walgreens. I spotted them and had to have them. They make me so happy. How cute would they be with a big bow?? I put them up in the gift cabinet and I will be getting them out when the kids deserve a little treat. They might be up there for a while...


  1. Love the lollipops! I may just run to Walgreens & snag a few for my daughter's next birthday. It's Wizard of Oz & would be adorable as centerpieces on the tables.

  2. Love the lollipop idea. Actually I am a "sucker" for any new product you put out!! Exciting!!

  3. Love the lollipop idea ! I must order some for our next birthday party if available. ( hint hint ) !


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