Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The Big 8!

Remember SoakFest '08? Well, that was just a tease. We decided that the beginning of the school year is always crazy so we went ahead and had Graham's wild birthday party a month early. Graham's REAL birthday is TOMORROW. My sweet-not-so-little-anymore baby boy will be 8! I know what you're thinking. Bad mommy - you're having an Open House on your baby's birthday? Shameful! Well, I okayed it with him before and he is fine with it. Really, he is. He has soccer practice anyway. That's what I just love about Graham. He's so easy going and so sweet. He's my peacemaker and my rule follower and my little genius. He's got the biggest heart and I just LOVE him! I think he's actually loving this month long birthday celebration. He got a birthday party back then, we had a little family get together last weekend, we're having Birthday Breakfast tomorrow at the crack, he'll have a class birthday party tomorrow AND I'll be taking him a special birthday lunch to school AND then I'm sure we'll do something special with our little party of 5 family on Friday after the Open House chaos has passed. STILL, with all that, I'm feeling a little guilty. But he promises he's okay with it.
I'm also feeling a little old. It can't be that I have an 8 year old! I think it was just yesterday that we brought this blue eyed blonde home from the hospital wondering how the dark haired dark eyed two of us created such a thing! It seems like just the other day I met and fell in LOVE with "the boy with the perfect hair" at OU. Right before that I was making midnight Taco Bell runs with a car full of sorority sisters listening to The Wake or some other early 90's music. Right before that I was working my big hair and riding in the Rocky or camping out for Garth Brooks tickets. Can I really have an 8 year old??? I do...and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE HIM!
Speaking of Graham - I think a birthday giveaway is just what we need! Come to the Back To School Open House and enter the drawing to win 50 Glossy Mini Cards. They will be perfect for Christmas Cards!!! For those of you that can't make it, leave my sweet Graham a birthday wish and I will let him pick a winner. The Blog winner will recieve a personalized placemat OR a set of personalized note cards. Winner's choice!


  1. Happy 8th Birthday Graham! Have an awesome day. Jill Curry

  2. What a cutie! Happy birthday little man. Hope your open house is a HUGE success. . .wish I lived closer.

  3. to the moon and back and you know what I mean. My sweet little boy who made me a proud Nana for the first time.

  4. 8..What a big boy age!
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY from our home to yours! :)

    ~The Frankenberger's

  5. They grow so fast! Hope the little man has a great birthday!

    Natalie Clements

  6. Graham-

    I hope you have a WONDERFUL birthday!! I miss you sooo much! Have a great day!!



  7. Graham, you share my hubby's birthday! Whether you're 8 or 33, you can have a blast on your b-day!
    Kara Swinney

  8. here's my comment: i think you and i are related! i drove a ROCKY in college...other school though. and thanks for bringing up THE WAKE! i STILL have my CD that i "borrowed" from one of my husband's fraternity brothers with his pledge number on it!! what about TOAD THE WET SPROCKET? did you listen to them too? anyway, my sorority sisters and i crusied around in the rocky with the top off, one night i let it rain in the rocky and that was bad.

    that little graham's a doll. how about an arranged marriage?...unless he's already taken by a sutton girl?? blessings! have a wonderful evening!

  9. Ok...just reading this and oh I laughed and then about cried. The Rocky...who doesn't own memories from that car. Good and bad...and a few a little scary!!! If I could find it today I just might buy it back so I could load everyone in for the next reunion. Oh...I said I wasn't going. I'd a least come get you and we could cause some trouble I'm sure. Glad you loved it as much as I...Who is this Ashley? She must be the only other person I know (which I guess I don't know) who owned one.


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