Monday, September 8, 2008

Where you there??

my dining room decked out for the Open House
my hutch (which happens to be my very favorite piece of furniture) full of PaperDoll goodies
The Open House was a big success! It was so much fun. I think. I actually sat in my dining room taking orders the entire time and never even really got the chance to walk around to see if people were having fun! There were several people that claim they were there that I never even talked to! Where you really there??? I know I watched several people walk in the door and I never saw them again so I feel bad that I was not a great hostess but I guess it's a good problem to have. My friend Patti saved the day by showing up and being my helper. She made sure the drinks and goodies were out and made sure I didn't die of thirst and she was a huge help! Thank you to all of you that came and to all of you that sent well wishes! I may have to do this again...

I let Graham pick the winners of the blog GiveAway and the Open House Drawing.

He drew Beth Wagner for the Open House drawing. Yeah Beth!! You win 50 free Glossy Mini Cards!!! He picked Kara Swinney for the Blog GiveAway. Kara, email me! Let me know what you chose! Congrats girls!!!


  1. i am so bummed that i didn't make it over - it was just an absurdly crazy week! you'll just have to have another!

  2. What a set up! Sad that I have to miss all these events. :(


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