Thursday, September 18, 2008

I'm a bad, bad blogger

I've been a bad, bad blogger. I really do have lots to blog about...I just don't have the time to blog it. Here's quite possibly the longest picture post ever and hopefully I will get back into the blogging routine very soon.
dot dot darcy red & green - curly cue
cute cute cute! love the way this one turned out!!
blue striped shirt bag tag - vingy font
sports stickers - georgia font
hepburn green pen - sweetheart
tatum pink lip balm - angelina
tatum pink mini candy bars - angelina font
chocolate for hollie hot pink & black bag tag - sweetheart
paperdoll paisley black & tiffany blue checkbook cover and pen - impervious
gumdrops pink checkbook cover and pen - impervious
night owl note pads and note cards - impervious
tiffany blue chandelier tray - french script
dot dot darcy black & red checkbook cover
monogram notecards - sweetheart
"i need a name" bag tag - sweetheart
"i need a name" tray - sweetheart LOVE LOVE LOVE this one!
guitar stripe placemat - curly cue
big dotty blue & blue calling cards - jackson jr.
maddie's dots blue invitations
gumdrops pink pencil cup - kayleigh
dark camo plate - chalk
ADORABLE COMBO - blue gumdrop placemat & gumdrop stripe plate - impervious
hippie chic pink centered plate & gumdrops placemat - impervious
CUTE! tatoo baby plate with red trim
sporty stripe football glossy mini invitations - vingy font
dot dot darcy red and royal sports bottle - impervious
hepburn pink placemat & sippy cup - such a cute idea for big sis/lil sis gifts!
hepburn green placemat & sports bottle - kristen font
hippie chic blue placemat - curly cue font
purple circus flip top cup - curly cue
hippie chic pink flip top cup - curlz
hippie chic blue invitation - fontdiner loungy
candy rolls - great shower favors!
"i need a name" tumbler - sweetheart
pink harlequin personal shower glossy mini inviations
gumdrop stripe glossy mini invitations
gumdrops turquoise note cards - impervious
NEW!!! push pop part favors - $1.50 each
blue dots with football mini candy bars
a tray for pretty! i'm going to use it as my sign at shows
hot pink chandelier tray
hepburn tan/green tray
chocolate paisley/red
red hepburn with black
chocolate party blue pen
sports balls on blue placemat - pupcat
tatoo baby placemat - so cute!

pink elephants for ivy tray - sweetheart


  1. Oh my friend you have been sew busy. All gorgeous!! Have a blessed and happy day!

  2. Picked up all my goodies today! I love them all, especially Kynlee's bag tag. TOO CUTE!! It matches perfectly!! Your work always makes my day!!

  3. Loved my stuff and the extra surprise! You Rule!


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