Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Picture Post

Thank you so much to all of you that have ordered "JANA" cards! They are so beautiful in person! I can't wait to post some real pics of them...

Spring GumDrops Bag Tag with Bow
Rugby Rocks Bag Tag
Spring Butterfly Bag Tag with Bow
Night Owls Bag Tag...still love this cute!
Little Bo Peep Placemat and Sippy Cup
Black Damask Purple Travel Tumblers
Spring GumDrops Sports Bottle
Black Damask Tiffany Blue Note Cards

© 2010 paperdoll designs

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Monday, June 28, 2010

For Jana...

Earlier this year my sweet friend Jana was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. From day one, she has remained positive and full of faith in God's healing power. You should see the emails she sends out!! SHE has become the one encouraging those around her. Through all the needles and chemo and hair loss and just plain feeling rotten, she has kept a smile on her face and remained strong. She is truly amazing and I have no doubt that God is using her to change MANY lives!

Cancer Sucks and cancer is expensive so I wanted to do a little something to help Jana and her beautiful family out.

Introducing the newest PaperDoll design...

"JANA" in green & brown

"JANA" in pink & black

"JANA" in red & brown

PaperDoll Designs will donate $3 to the Rogers family for every set of "JANA" note cards (small or large) sold. $4 will be donated for every "JANA" plate, platter or tray that is sold. $2 will be donated for ever "JANA" regular sized bag tag and $1 for every "JANA" mini bag tag.

Please help me help a friend. Place an order today and say a prayer for Jana. Please tell your friends too.

PaperDoll Pics!

I stayed up WAY too late last night working on some new designs for a very SPECIAL project. I'm still working out the details but I'll be back to share soon. For now, some PaperDoll Pics...
Number Cupcake Toppers...choose any color scheme!
Initial Stripe Blue Snack cup & Bag Tag
Powder Puff Blue & Khaki Note Card
Black Damask Blue Stickers....From the Kitchen of...
Primary Bubbles Plate
Rugby Blue & Red Bag Tag
Sporty Stripe Bubble Gum Bags
Floral Pop Bag Tag, Sippy Cup & Snack Cup

© 2010 paperdoll designs

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Another "Currently" Post...

Currently EXHAUSTED.
It's VBS week. My friend Lucy and I are teaching kindergarten. There are 21 of them. They are adorable. There are 21 of them. 16 of them are boys. They are all precious in His sight...all 21 of them.

I 100% stole this idea. I found it on this blog. Such a cool idea. We have already checked many of them off but it will definitely take us all summer to work through it.
Currently MISSING...
Foster. He went to doggie heaven last week. We keep calling for him to pick up the fallen food and several times I've gone to fill his bowl. He was such a good boy. I complained a lot about his barking (he HATED the doorbell) but now it seems too quiet. We got to love him for 12 and a half years.
Currently LOVING...

pool time! For the first summer in 10 years I am not a freak at the pool. Charlie did awesome in swim lessons and finally I don't actually have to be in the pool with a child tightly strangling me. He wears a life jacket and I'm always right there but I can relax a little tiny bit. It's awesome!

What are you up to?

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

I forgot to mention...

The best part about the new wooden trays is that the inserts are removable! This means you can order one tray and change out the inserts to match the holiday, your party theme or your home decor! Fabulous, right?
***I can do the tray inserts in any design that you see on the website
© 2010 paperdoll designs

Monday, June 21, 2010

Primary Bubbles Snack Cup & Lunchbox
Ice Cream Cone Pencil Cup
Domino Hot Pink Pencil Cup & Pen
Little Debbie Hot Pink Snack Cups
Little Red Wagon Note Cards
Turquoise Camo Camp Cards
Sporty Stripe Royal Blue Snack Cup

© 2010 paperdoll designs

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

If you like it then you should put a label on it...

5 sticks of gum per pack...wrapped to match your party theme
$8 for 10 packs of gum
© 2010 paperdoll designs

Monday, June 14, 2010

paperdoll playdough & more...

I just love the way these M&M tubes turned out! Polkadots, Stripes & fun!
Matching Playdough Party favors. cute, cute, cute!
Black Damask Hot Pink Bag Tag with bow
Zebra with Red Ribbon Bag Tag
Orange & Blue Rugby Bag Tag
Black Damask Red Stripe Tray

© 2010 paperdoll designs

Sunday, June 13, 2010

NEW PaperDoll Products!

I'll be adding these Wooden Trays with handles to the shop this week. I'll be making one for Nora to sit on her dresser....maybe one for my dresser too. I'll also have to have one for the coffee table....
White Picket Fence Brown & Tiffany Blue...$26
Vintage Baby Pink

My friend Tracy (Owner of Fluer de Lys Designs) makes these adorable Personalized Hand Sanitizers. They are already in the shop. Click here to see more cute!!
Fleur de Lys Hand Sanitizer $8
© 2010 paperdoll designs

Thursday, June 10, 2010

I'm a slacker

I've been a PaperDoll Slacker lately with all the swimming lessons, play dates and camp. I'm hoping to play catch up this weekend. I have a new product in the works and I hope to try it out soon. I'm so excited about it and can't wait to share!!! I'm also getting lots of snack cup orders so I will try to add them to the website soon. Hope you all are having a happy summer! I'm loving it!

Green Gingham Ballet invitation
Green Gingham Nail Polish
Green Gingham Ballet Mini Candy Bars
Green Harlequin Chandelier Platter
Hepburn Green Platter with matching tumblers...
For the Mr. & the Mrs. SO CUTE!
Domino Pink Note Cards
Vintage Baby Pink Snack Cup
Tea Party Snack Cup
Fill-In Tent Camp Note Cards
Powder Puff Blue & Green Note Cards
Dry Erase Blank Family Calendar

© 2010 paperdoll designs

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