Thursday, June 24, 2010

Another "Currently" Post...

Currently EXHAUSTED.
It's VBS week. My friend Lucy and I are teaching kindergarten. There are 21 of them. They are adorable. There are 21 of them. 16 of them are boys. They are all precious in His sight...all 21 of them.

I 100% stole this idea. I found it on this blog. Such a cool idea. We have already checked many of them off but it will definitely take us all summer to work through it.
Currently MISSING...
Foster. He went to doggie heaven last week. We keep calling for him to pick up the fallen food and several times I've gone to fill his bowl. He was such a good boy. I complained a lot about his barking (he HATED the doorbell) but now it seems too quiet. We got to love him for 12 and a half years.
Currently LOVING...

pool time! For the first summer in 10 years I am not a freak at the pool. Charlie did awesome in swim lessons and finally I don't actually have to be in the pool with a child tightly strangling me. He wears a life jacket and I'm always right there but I can relax a little tiny bit. It's awesome!

What are you up to?


  1. Love the list - what a fun idea! I'm exhausted too. I feel like such a wimp. You would think we were putting in 12 hour days up there!

    And I'm sorry about your dog. That's no fun. :(

  2. To sweet Fossie. You were such a good dog. I know you liked it at Nana's because you followed me everywhere I went and you never told your daddy that I was bad and gave you treats. I loved you and will miss you because you were so good to G, Sugie, and Scoot.


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