Saturday, August 2, 2008

It's Official!

We just had the LAST birthday party that we will EVER have at our house! It was LOTS of fun and it wasn't terrible but The Baker and I looked at each other about half way through the party and with one look made an agreement that it would NEVER happen again. Let me tell you a little bit about it...
At the beginning of the summer Graham asked me if he could have a water wars birthday party. I think I hadn't had my full dose of Diet Dr. Pepper yet and I remember actually thinking that it sounded like a fabulous idea. We decided to make it seem like an event and thus, SOAKFEST 2008 was planned. Before I had really thought it through the invitations were in the mail.

It's been a super busy summer and I had a TON of orders last week (thank you!) so I really didn't even get into party mode until Thursday. I spent the whole day with three kids in the car in 103 degree heat trying to gather up all the stuff we needed to pull off SOAKFEST '08. Today The Baker spent hours filling up 350 water balloons. I spent what seemed like hours trying to bake cupcakes (I AM NOT THE BAKER) and then I made an orange and blue mess while trying to decorate cupcakes. In the end, we pulled it all together and everything turned out really cute.

The Birthday Boy was happy!

We made SoakFest T-shirts and put water guns and goggles in the goodie bags.

Everything was blue and orange and cute...and then 16 boys showed up and broke out the water balloons and started going crazy and then everything was muddy and dirty and wet. It was hot and it was loud and it was fun for Graham...and that's all that really matters. He's thanked me a million times and that makes it all worth it. But next time I say I'm having a birthday party at home...PLEASE stop me!!!


  1. What fun!! You deserve a big awesome mom award!!!! It really looks like it was an awesome party!!

  2. Nathan had a FABULOUS time! (But i know what you mean about having birthday parties at home!)

  3. I'm a little behind as well. Just looked at your blog - well after Graham's birthday party but still wanted to tell you what a cute theme, cute goodie bags, great colors, great cupcakes - you are a good mom!!!


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